A Dire Warning To America From The Donald Trump Camp – ‘The Taco Trucks Are Coming!

A Brief One from Doug Draper

Posted September 2nd, 2016 on Niagara At Large

“We are living in fictional times,” said American comedian Lewis Black, his arms flailing nervously  during a recent interview about the bad acid trip that passes for a presidential election now entering its final mad months in his country.

Oh No! Here comes another taco truck. Where is Trump and that WALL?

Oh No! Here comes another taco truck. Where is Trump and that WALL?

In this election, Black added, whatever was left of reality has so intersected with satire that there is nothing left for a comedy writer to do – “All you have to do now is ready the morning newspaper.”

A very recent case in point is an interview aired on the American cable network MSNBC this September 1st with a nut named Marco Gutierrez, founder of a Latinos for Donald Trump organization, which comes off like skit you would more likely see on Saturday Night Live in any previous presidential election year.

In the interview, Gutierrez warns that if something isn’t done to stop the influx of Mexicans across America’s southern border, U.S. will face an invasion of “taco trucks on every corner.”

Oh, there they are. Hey, Donald, make damn sure a taco truck can't drive through it.

Oh, there they are. Thank God! Hey, Donald, make damn sure a taco truck can’t drive through it, would ya..

It’s a warning that has already had American political commentators  calling Gutierrez the Latino Paul Revere for the Trump campaign – “The taco trucks are coming! The taco trucks are coming!”

So here, with apologies to our American neighbours, including many of my American friends who are already embarrassed and depressed enough about this election, here is the taco truck segment featuring Trump surrogate Marco Gutierrez.

Keep in mind while you are watching this, is that this is where the discourse has sunk in American politics while little or no serious debate is going on about jobs, health care, war and peace, and climate change. We’re down to the invasion of the taco trucks!

Also for your continued American election entertainment, here is segment featuring Lewis Black on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, sharing his angst about the 2016 presidential election race.

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