Ontario’s Tories Would Kill Province’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum

“Upon being elected, a PC Government would scrap the controversial changes to sex-ed introduced by (Liberal) Premier (Kathleen) Wynne.” – Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown

Posted August 29th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

Although Patrick Brown began his leadership of Ontario’s PC Party last year with promises to put the “progressive” back into the party’s name by making it more “modern” and “inclusive,” there are growing signs that he is drifting back to positions that appeal to core groups on the far right of social conservatism – groups that comprised a solid base of support for his predecessors in the Tory leadership, Tim Hudak and Mike Harris.

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown would nix new sex-ed curriculum in province

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown would nix new sex-ed curriculum in province

The following letter, circulated by Brown and his party this past August 24th to voters in the provincial riding of Scarborough-Rouge River where a byelection is scheduled for this coming Thursday, September 1st, is the latest example of that drift back to the fringe right which may ensure that the party won’t win the next Ontario election either.

In the letter, Brown promises to scrap changes the current Liberal government has made to a  sex-ed curriculum for grade school students that had not been updated since 1998. The changes have received a strong negative reaction from members of the religious right and others, including immigrants from countries that keep a very tight lid on sex-related discussions and conduct.

When Brown’s letter surfaced in the media this past weekend before the byelection, Ontario Liberal Education Minister Mitzie Hunter responded to the contents of it this way – “The fact that Patrick Brown has put out a secret letter that says that he would cancel that curriculum … is really not thinking about the safety of our kids and is, frankly, disappointing. … First, he was against the curriculum, then he said he was okay with it, and now he’s changed his mind.”

Here, for the record, is the full text of Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s April 24th letter –

Dear Parents,

During the Leadership contest, I pledged to lead an Ontario PC Party of thoughtful consideration.

That is why in preparation for the general election in 2018, we have launched our most ambitious policy consultation in party history, http://www.ForOntario.ca, to give you a voice in every area of our platform.

It is my belief that as parents, you must be consulted on any fundamental change to a curriculum that directly affects your children. The Wynne Liberal government has ignored parents and introduced a sex-ed curriculum without proper consultation.

I believe parents are the primary educators of their children. When it comes to sexual health education, parents should have a say on how much their children are taught, and at what age.

I remain committed to principles I articulated during the leadership: Parents should be given advance notice of subjects taught and have access to materials used, so they can decide if their child is ready; and every parent has the right to withdraw their child from the classroom, at their discretion, without penalty or repercussion.

Upon being elected, a PC Government would scrap the controversial changes to sex-ed introduced by Premier Wynne and develop a new curriculum after thoughtful and full consultation with parents.

Unlike the present government, which has focused on this one issue, a PC government will develop a well-rounded curriculum that will strengthen reading, writing, mathematics and other skills that will prepare them to succeed in the real world.

I believe sex-ed is important, but it cannot be significantly changed without extensively consulting the primary educators of children, who have always been parents.

Regards, Patrick Brown

Leader of the Ontario PC Party

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2 responses to “Ontario’s Tories Would Kill Province’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum

  1. When you see the protestors to the sex education curriculum, many appear to be of recent immigrant backgrounds or hold religious symbols.
    In the first instance, such groups are sometimes afraid of sex education because they consider it taboo. In the second case, religion should not be an impediment to education. Sometimes the two are combined in a double whammy. (I recall seeing a sign while in India forbidding women to enter the religious edifice while menstruating. How do they know???? STUPID!)

    That is why such teaching is necessary. If the parents are that backward about the facts of life, they sure as heck will be reluctant to teach their children so SOMEONE has to. Maybe THEY need to take the course.

    Many cultures and religions have prejudices against LGBT, same sex parents and other facets of the programme. Too bad. This is Canada. These things exist and denying or not teaching about them just perpetuates such prejudices resulting in confusion, bullying and even suicide among some young people.

    Using this as a device to manipulate an election is wrong. That is simply pandering to a demographic in the district. Perhaps there should have been more preliminary discussion but, if teachers felt it excessive, I am sure they would protest en masse not wanting to harm their students. It has been proven statistically that, in countries where sex education is open and factual, there are fewer STD’s and fewer teen pregnancies. The more something is verboten, the more attractive it is whereas frank discussion about things children will eventually encounter makes it less mysterious and attractive.


  2. This Brown was a Tory Back Bencher in Harper’s Federal Goon Squad and recently he was heaping praise and accolades onto Harper…So!! What does that tell you about Brown….Talk is Cheap Doug and this guy talks a lot
    DO I TRUST HIM??????About as much as I trusted Harper and Mike Harris
    In supporting Harper did he not support the elimination of the Canadian Wheat Board (GONE) and the Canadian Universal Health Accord?????


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