Harper Was Canada’s Dictator-In-Chief For Filthy Oil & Bay Street Billionnaires

Closing Down Parliament &  Protraying Environmentalists As ‘Enemies of the State’ Just Came With The Job

A Commentary by Linda McKellar

First, Stephen Harper, or Mr. Charm as I call him, was as citizen friendly and down to earth as a cobra.

Although not a prerequisite for holding office, Harper had zero charisma and no way to connect with the public – something very important for communicating with Canadian citizens and foreign leaders. That is one reason, just or otherwise, that so many were happy to see him go.stephen_harper_illustration_for_national_observer_by_juhasz

Several times he even refused to meet with the Provincial Premiers. He was secretive and autocratic, yet claimed he knew nothing of things like his aide’s pay off to one of his Senate appointments, Mike Duffy. Of course corruption is nothing new to any party. but he was an expert.

His policies were absolutely pro Bay Street. His election propaganda was right out of the U.S. Republican Party playbook with (just as one example of  very many) his backers demeaning his opponents (did Mulcair or Trudeau ever call him “Stevie”?) despite the fact that Harper was almost the same age as Justin Trudeau when he was first elected?

And there was the utilizing of things like robocalls and electoral restrictions through the so-called “Fair Elections Act,” which severely restricted access to marginal people like Aboriginals and students away from their home ridings – in other words, groups of people less likely to vote Conservative.

Harper’s scientific research cuts have left us decades behind others at a time when technology is vital.

Ecologically, he gutted every good measure previously implemented for progress in protecting the environment in order to please his home base in Alberta and his financial backers. He even ordered the destruction of oceanic research papers in Nova Scotia where workers later found them in a dumpster.stephen_harper_king closeup

Sure, due to the filthy tar sands, the economy was temporarily stable, but at what cost to your children and grandchildren. And what happens now, when the tar sands are a pariah?

Harper spied on and audited environmental agencies and declared them enemies of the state and terrorists. Groups of people wanting to protect our environment sure sounds like terrorism to me.

Even with the oil sands boon, and for someone who is a proclaimed economist, Harper ran a verifiable DEFICIT for at least six, possibly more.

Water is the oil of the future and he didn’t care that trillions of gallons are spoiled to remove filthy bitumen.

Last week I saw a documentary on the BBC about Canada’s environmental status in the eyes of the world and it is ABYSMAL following a decade of Harper rule. We are a joke!

Large numbers of younger Canadians went to the polls in the 2015 federal election to turf out Harper. And why? They knew there future was at stake.

Large numbers of younger Canadians went to the polls in the 2015 federal election to turf out Harper. And why? They knew there future was at stake.

Harper not only refused to meet with Provincial Premiers, he prorogued (as in slammed the door on) Parliament and shut down the government for 181 days because he was in danger of losing his government to opposition parties.

He instituted sweeping Omnibus bills that abrogated freedoms and wiped out beneficial laws and regulations. I am only glad that he was not Canada’s prime minister during the Iraq War or he would have wagged his puppy tail and followed his American masters into that disaster that cost trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.

That’s just a few of his wonderful “accomplishments.” What a guy!

Of course, now his buds will give him a nice cushy job to go along with his ridiculous pension.

Linda McKellar is a Fort Erie/Niagara, Ontario residents and retired health care worker and advocate for public health care who shares views on a host of other issues regularly on Niagara At Large

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



3 responses to “Harper Was Canada’s Dictator-In-Chief For Filthy Oil & Bay Street Billionnaires

  1. Thank You Linda and Yes!! Thank you Doug for giving us a medium to voice our disgust as well as appreciation when either are appropriately warranted.
    I knew the young David Orchard who voiced indignation when Mulroney sang “Danny Boy” chuckle with Reagan and went on to sign Free Trade Agreements that totally infringed on the Canadian Sovereignty.
    Enough of this rambling Now on to Stephen HARPER and JUDAS Peter MacKay.
    HARPER was born in Ontario and later attended the University of Toronto where he failed to Graduate. I have been led to believe that he did finally master Economics in Alberta?? He became very enamored with the propaganda and agenda of the late Colin Brown a rich Insurance person in London Ontario. Brown detested the implementation of the Canada Health Act and used full pages in the Canadian media in an attempt to stop it from being implemented. Failing this Brown began the National Citizens Coalition and enlisted many Canadian elites(?) to his Association, an association put together to eliminate the Canadian Health Accord and for some reason The “Canadian Wheat Board.
    The enamored HARPER was elected to the then Reform Party in Calgary but only sat for two years before resigning to join Colin Brown’s National Citizen’s Coalition where he quickly rose in the ranks and adopted the agenda.a few years later he once again entered the political scene and took control of the newly proclaimed Reform Party.
    PETER MacKAY son of Nova Scotia “Progressive” Conservative MP Elmer MacKay entered the political fray to an almost dead “Progressive” Conservative Party and soon answered the Party Leadership race along with David Orchard (Yes the same one) and the now Liberal MP Bisson also from N.S….During that Leadership election MacKAY needing the Orchard delegates to win approached the leery David who agreed to back him if he FIRST signed an agreement stating that if elected MacKAY would NOT climb into bed with HARPER …The rest is History and the Proud old “PROGRESSIVE” Conservative party ceased to exist thanks to the JUDAS like actions of MacKAY.



    • Thank you for the insights Joseph.

      To add to your info, here is a snippet of an article from the Globe and Mail of a nefarious deal under Harper’s watch which expands upon your mention…

      Titled –
      “Canada Wheat Board deal with a US and Saudi Group ends an era”……

      “Until 2012 the Canada Wheat Board was the prairie farmer’s link to food companies around the world. Now it has been taken over by a US agrifood company and an investment fund owned by Saudi Arabia. The $250 million dollar (to me a paltry amount) marks the final stage in the transfer of the Canadian Wheat Board, which was formed by Parliament in 1935 to guarantee western farmers would get fair prices for their wheat and barley. Saudi Arabia now owns 50.1%”…

      This is equivalent to selling Canada and its resources down the river.

      In addition Harper made a deal to sell military materials to the Saudis, a nation with an awful human rights record, but now Trudeau is pretty much obligated not to cancel it or he will face criticism internationally for reneging on a signed deal and over job loses although the deal is against traditional Canadian principles. Another strike on Canada’s reputation.

      Add to that Harper’s own remarks relevant to his following of the Alliance Church which has as part of its doctrine….”Science and environmentalism is hostile to the Bible”. He believes in the superiority of humans and domination of the planet and all that of its riches are here for us to plunder. There goes the separation of church and state.


  2. Perhaps you should focus you energies on the present administration….. not a harper fan, but continually focusing on his record is the distraction the fiberals and the new dommunist party are counting on…. noticed you were a health care worker…. well maybe you might want to slam comrade wynnes misappropriation of the increased heath care transfers harper introduced during his tenure….. on a federal note again as a health care worker you might want to comment on the fiberal plan to increase to record level the intake of senior migrants when we can’t even take care of our own seniors….. added to which the strain that these record levels of immigration has hospitals and schools in the past…. I know dougie like stories like yours because well he lives in the past….. but your time could be better spent….


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