Introducing A Brand New ‘Save Thundering Waters Forest’ Website

Watch and Share This Video By Jon Lepp & Stacy Koudys and Join the Fight to Save what is left of Niagara’s Natural Heritage

A Foreword by Doug Draper, NAL publisher

Posted August 6th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario After too many years of watching too many of our municipal politicians in Niagara give the high five to too many plans by developers to pave over ever more of what is left of this region’s precious natural heritage, it is heartening to see growing thousands of citizens across the region finally standing up and shouting ‘NO!’ to this destruction.

Stacey Koudys and Jon Lepp working on their Paradise documentary project. Photo by Doug Draper

Stacey Koudys and Jon Lepp working on their Paradise documentary project. Photo by Doug Draper

The last draw for many of us came around the turn of last year with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – a body that no longer has any business using the word “conservation” in its name – trotting out a “biodiversity offsetting” scheme that is code for destroying provincially significant wetlands to pave the way for more urban sprawl.

The last draw has also come with a proposal by a Chinese government-sponsored firm that goes by the name GR (Canada) Investment Co., Ltd. to build what it rather perversely calls a “Paradise” development on lands that include hundreds of acres of forest, savannah and wetlands near the southwest corner of Niagara Falls.

Political neanderthals and bullies like Niagara regional government chair Al Caslin and St. Catharines regional councilor and Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority chair Bruce Timms and their cabal have tried their best to discourage, frustrate and otherwise run down the clock on the citizen push for natural heritage preservation.

This spring – in one particularly disgusting episode – they treated Niagara citizen Ed Smith like human garbage for having the audacity to ask for an independent audit of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s operations to determine what, if anything, it is doing of value with millions of dollars of our tax money.

But thankfully, the citizens’ push for a smarter, 21st Century plan for growth in this Niagara region that creates jobs and properity, and preserves and enhances what is left of our natural heritage at the same time is not going away. It is growing!

A brand new ‘Save Thundering Waters Forest’ Facebook page and website, including the first of what will likely be many important and punchy videos, is another example of the movement against the destructive kind of 1950s, “open for business” practices Caslin, Timms and company are trying to shove on us.

Here is a not on the new website from its creators Stacey Koudys and Jon Lepp, along with one important video and the key links to the website .

Please embrace them and share them with your friends and neighbours. – Doug Draper

A Message from Jon Lepp –

Stacey Koudys and I are proud to announce that we have launched our website this morning for our future documentary The Paradise Project. On our website you can find our first webisode entitled “A Community Empowered.”

Please feel free to share our website with friends, family and strangers in order to raise awareness for this important issue. Also available on our website is information regarding the “Paradise” development and interesting facts about wetlands.

We additionally have a gallery of photos taken by members of the community and an extensive news archive of both current and historical articles regarding the wetlands in Niagara. We’d like to extend our thanks to Owen Bjorgan, Ed Smith, Emma Lee Fleury, Adrin Fanautical, Rose McCormick and Dr. John Bacher for contributing to our website, as well as all members of the community who are working to save the Thundering Waters Forest!

Here is the first webisode created by Jon Lepp and I to educate and inspire on the issue at Thundering Waters. Please feel free to share with friends, family, and strangers.

You can find this video and more at

In the meantime, click on it right here below this line to see the video –

Here is the link to the Facebook page and website for ‘Save Thundering Waters Forest’

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

4 responses to “Introducing A Brand New ‘Save Thundering Waters Forest’ Website

  1. Very well said Doug – maybe we will see more people ‘rising up” paying attention and taking action. Beautiful website and great video – Stacey and Jon have done an excellent job on this!!


  2. Sheila Krekorian

    A professional, powerful presentation. Congratulations.


  3. Doug, Are your readers aware that the conservation authorities act is presently open for review? This would be a great time for concerned citizens of Niagara to express their thoughts. The NPCA seems to have changed direction since I left the Authority. It is very puzzling why they have turned so abruptly. It’s sad for me personally as I spent 16 years working there. I now live in another area of the province and the CA’s in around my area do not follow the path taken by the NPCA. What is sad is that the environment of the peninsula, is so precious compared to other areas. How I miss my old tulip trees and visiting my favourite cucumber tree in Pelham.


  4. I went to the meeting at The Region, along with Joan Grandoni, who has worked tirelessly her whole life to preserve our nature, and wetlands. The development of Garner Rd by the tracks was pushed through. Their idea of offsetting destroyed wetlands was a fountain. I’m heartbroken when I see what once was a Carolinian Forrest, turned into cement. We cannot let this happen again. Our council could care less. There was more concern showed over a backyard wiener roast. I for one am willing to do whatever is necessary to fight this project.


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