Commemorating Emancipation Day – August 1st, 2016 – In Ontario, Canada

A Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown

Posted August 1st, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Queen’s Park, Toronto – Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown made the following statement marking the anniversary of Emancipation Day:emancipation day

“Today, we commemorate the anniversary of the enactment of the British Imperial Act, known as Emancipation Day. Inspired in large part by the heroic actions of William Wilberforce, the British Parliament voted in 1834 to abolish slavery in most of the British Empire.

This day recognizes the lives of those who were enslaved and oppressed. It also provides us an opportunity to remember an historic event, which displays our commitment to freedom and human rights.

Critically, the passage of the British Imperial Act made Ontario a beacon of freedom and hope, and launched the “Underground Railroad,” from which escaping slaves found their way to Ontario, and freedom.

I would like to commend my colleague MPP Ted Arnott for co-sponsoring the Private Members’ Bill which recognizes the first of August as Emancipation Day in Ontario

I am pleased to join the Black Canadian community and all Ontarians in marking this important day in our history.”

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2 responses to “Commemorating Emancipation Day – August 1st, 2016 – In Ontario, Canada

  1. Typical.
    Ontarians are so modest that we don’t even teach our children that we were the First place in the British Empire to abolish slavery by statute at Upper Canada’s first parliament in 1793 under our first Governor, John Graves Simcoe. (Denmark was the first parliament in the world to do it in 1792.)

    Slavery is very old in human history, mentioned biblically as far back as Abraham.

    This 1793 act was the origin of the Underground Railway (although railways weren’t used in North America until a 4 decades later). Slaves knew that were free if they could make it safely to Upper Canada.


  2. Patrick Brown Seems to be a very sensible MPP but then again most do seem caring until they get into power. I like what he has to say on many topics but then again “ACTIONS” speak louder than mere “WORDS” and he has not been in a position to illustrate where his loyalty is directed, Whether it is as the Liberals to their CORPORATE sponsors…or to “ALL” the people as it should be in a democratic society. His Support while a back bencher in the HARPER dictatorial Regime and his “NOW” praise for HARPER still leaves me and many other totally skeptical as we have had the HARRIS years Provincially followed by the McGuinty years both hypothetically totally destructive and costly. What would make Patrick Brown Believable and electable????? We must all judge the book (Patrick) not by the cover but by substance of the Man…..NOT another HUDAK
    I will always be a Social Democrat and will only believe actions not B.S


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