Cost of Ontario’s New Cap-And-Trade System Should Not Be Hidden In Home Heating Bills

Joint Statement from Ontario PC MPPs On  Ontario Energy Board Decision

Posted July 29th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

The following is a statement from MPP John Yakabuski, Ontario PC Critic for Energy, and MPP Lisa Thompson, Ontario PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade, on the Ontario Energy Board’s July 28th decisions to hide the costs of cap-and-trade on home heating bills:

“The Ontario PC Caucus is disappointed by the Ontario Energy Board’s decision to bury the cost of cap-and-trade in the Delivery Charge on consumers’ home heating bills.cap and tradel 

We have been clear all along that any plan to reduce carbon emissions must be transparent and accountable to the taxpayer.

Instead, the Wynne Liberal’s plan will make natural gas customers pay more, but won’t allow them to see exactly how much. To insult hardworking taxpayers further, this government wants to make Ontarians pay additional HST on their cap-and-trade cash grab – a tax on top of a tax.

Overburdened Ontario families deserve to know why their natural gas bills are going to go up. Yet this government has ignored the overwhelming majority of businesses and stakeholders who specifically asked for this simple transparent line on the bill, similar to jurisdictions such as California and Quebec.

It’s clear the Wynne Liberals have made the decision to hide the impact its costly cap-and-trade cash grab will have on Ontario families by burying the evidence in their bills. 

This is a government that wants all of the photo-ops, but wants to deal with none of the consequences of their reckless and unaffordable plan.”

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One response to “Cost of Ontario’s New Cap-And-Trade System Should Not Be Hidden In Home Heating Bills

  1. I honestly thought Highway robbery was a criminal offense and both of these CORPORATE PARTIES have been guilty in the past . The only reason this Ontario Liberal Government was elected in the First place was to prevent Hudak and his goon squad from committing the same Highway Robbery.
    The NDP keeps sending me requests for monetary assistance and because of their complete lack of a platform or any resemblance of a party opposed to the the agendas of the two CORPORATE PARTIES during the last election…I refused to help in any way.
    I was totally disgusted when I think of the number of good NDP MPPS who lost their seats because of the lousy lack of effort on the part of the Administration of the Ontario NDP. They need to be replaced NOW because they literally blew the last election, an election we the people through them could have won. As for the Liberals I watched my Grand Father come home from the sea, dress in his one faded suit and walk off to the polling both to vote for these assholes….The last few years of his life he voted for the old CCF…God Bless Him.


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