A Bit Of Praise For Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama

A Brief One from Doug Draper

Posted June 16th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

There are the epic scenes in the movie Gone With The Wind where the looters race up and down streets, smashing store windows as Atlanta is burned to the ground during the American Civil War.trumpferno

In one of the scenes, Rhett  Butler turns Scarlett’s attention to the exodus of southern arm troops and says to her in so many words that they’ve got to leave too because with the departure of those troops, go the last shred of civility.

That scene came to mind recently when I turned on one of the cable news channels and there they were, comparing the lunatic rants of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump against the measured intelligence of the current president, Barack Obama, as they both, in their very different ways, addressed the recent mass shooting of members of the LGBT community at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

It struck home when one of the cable channel commentators used the comparison to remind viewers that Obama will be moving out of the White House Office in a matter of months and heaven help America and the rest of the world if Trump moves in.

Around the same time, a Niagara At Large readers sent me a note along with an image of Obama with words burned in it that seem appropriate and that I wish to share with you now.

I haven’t always liked what he did, but I have always been amazed at the almost frightening intelligence, maturity, and self-control of this man,” said the reader of the image.“I wonder how the same country that twice voted for Barak Obama as President can possibly think of descending to the likes of a Donald Trump. Farce? Or tragedy?”

obama versus trump

What is your view?

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Niagara At Large encourages you to share your views on this post. A reminder that we only post comments by individuals who share their first and last name with them.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



2 responses to “A Bit Of Praise For Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama

  1. pat scholfield

    I cannot agree more with these views, and have right clicked on Obama’s photo and the profound comments, printed it out….and it now hangs proudly over my computer. Such a wise man. Thanks Doug.


  2. Linda McKellar

    The prime goal of the Neolithic Republican Party was, #1, to see that Obama was a one term President (and they actually stated that) and, #2, to block absolutely any progressive legislation or appointments (including his current requested appointment to SCOTUS, although the candidate was already previously approved by the Republicans.

    They also refuse to discuss any SANE gun laws as demanded by over EIGHTY percent of the American public). Obama turned out to be a major disappointment to many for these reasons but I truly believe he was not to blame. When obstruction is the primary goal of those who should be working in the best interest of the public, even the best ideals and aspirations can achieve nothing.

    I believe Obama is a good and loving family man, intelligent, well spoken, witty, empathetic and genuine in most regards. They have failed to find any scandals, affairs or multiple divorces so idiots like Trump have gone on for over eight years with faux scandals claiming he was born in Kenya or was acting like a king by making Presidential proclamations (which he has done far less than recent Presidents). OIYYY! To even consider a bloviating blowhard like Trump as a possible successor would be funny if not so frightening and dangerous.

    When the US was formed they were overly cautious to avoid the flaws of other government systems to the point that they have created a monster where checks and balances can block up any purposeful legislation. When legislators are obstructionist just for the sake of being so, at the peril of the public who elected them, they should be impeached. When they blatantly said they wished for Obama, the twice duly elected leader of their own country, to be a failure, that implies a wish for failure of their own country. That is treasonous.


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