Ontario Opposition Leader Patrick Brown to the Premier: Fire Minister Eric Hoskins for his Short-Sighted Health Cuts

From the Office of Ontario Opposition PC Leader Patrick Brown

Posted May 30th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

(A Brief Foreword from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – I often find myself shaking my head and rolling my eyes when I receive media releases from Ontario’s opposition Tories, expressing righteous indignation over cuts to public services by the province’s governing Liberals.

It appears that the current provincial Tory (PC) leader Patrick Brown, based on what I have read of his speeches to party members and others, is attempting to pivot the party’s platform more to the centre and away from the extreme right, slash-and-burn policies of the former Ontario Tory government of Mike Harris, Tim Hudak and Bart Maves.

Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown

Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown

But I don’t remember anyone named Patrick Brown standing up for everyday Ontario citizens in need of those services when Harris,Hudak,Maves and company were gutting front-line health care services, including Victorian Order of Nurses and others providing critically needed care to people in their homes.)

Queen’s Park, Toronto – This May 30th, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown used Question Period to highlight the dismal job Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins has done managing Ontario’s health care system.

Under Minister Hoskins’ management, the Liberal Government has made across the board cuts to front-line staff and essential services at the expense of patient care.

“It’s clear the government is cutting healthcare across the province. They have slashed $815-million from physician services and fired 1,400 nurses. Clinics are closing,” said Brown. “But what most people don’t see day in and day out is the ridiculous overcrowding at Ontario hospitals. Across this province, hospitals are over capacity because of this government’s cuts.”

Ontario hospitals have faced nine consecutive hospital budget cuts, including four consecutive frozen budgets.

“What fantasy world is this Government living in? Instead of getting beds out the hallway, the Minister of Health uses his budget to run self-congratulatory vanity ads.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne is rumoured to be soon shuffling her cabinet. Leader Patrick Brown urged the Premier to fire Minister Hoskins from his portfolio.

“It’s time someone takes responsibility. Will the Premier hold the Minister of Health accountable?” Brown concluded. “When the cabinet shuffle comes, will the Minister be held responsible for the crisis he created?”

For the entirety of Question Period, members of the Ontario PC Caucus asked for the Minister of Health to be fired, citing how local cuts that have affected their communities.

Recent examples of the Wynne Liberals’ cuts to health care include:

  • $815 million cut from physician services
  • 50 medical residency positions eliminated
  • $20 million slashed from the assistive devices program
  • $50 million cut to physiotherapy services for seniors
  • 1,400 nurses cut since the beginning of 2015
  • Nine consecutive years of hospital funding cuts, including four years of frozen hospital budgets

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


4 responses to “Ontario Opposition Leader Patrick Brown to the Premier: Fire Minister Eric Hoskins for his Short-Sighted Health Cuts

  1. This same Patrick Brown was a back bench member of the much hated HARPER Federal regime and in fact vote favorably for all of HARPER’S Dictates.,.,…NOW ……All of a sudden he is self righteous and is finding the Provincial Liberal more inclined to advance PRIVATIZATION then the originators of this PRIVATIZATION plot meaning of Course the schemes and scheming of the far far Right wing CONSERVATIVES HARRIS, HUDAK and MAVES.
    The PRESENT and past Provincial Liberal Corporate Governments in my opinion have robbed the coffers and short changed the tax payers of this province to a point where there is little or no trust that they will not continue to do so.
    This present Health Minister seems to fit the pattern of past Liberal
    Ministers of Health in so much as his agenda literally eliminates stakeholder consultation and involvement. Does he NOT realize that the “Ship of Health” in this province is ready to capsize due to the tremendous burden placed on it by “Administrative Empires” built on the ashes of Total Greed and over blown Personal ambition.. There needs to be a job evaluation and a cut back on Administration NOT the NURSES on the floor who attempt to perform their services without feeling threatened.
    Thank you Doug…… and….. Yes there were NO Provincial Conservatives and but one Provincial Liberal that attended every rally in an attempt to save our hospitals. You were there, with the Yellow Shirt Ladies, and the few caring souls including several NDP people and MDs who braved the cold and the Police….to no avail


  2. According to a biography on one of his early websites, Patrick Brown worked for the Harris government from 1995 to 2000:

    “Patrick has a great deal of public service experience and knows how to make government work for his constituents. From 1995 to 2000, he worked in a variety of positions for the Ontario Government. Patrick has served at Queen’s Park as a Special Assistant in the Ministry of Finance, and for the Solicitor General. Most recently, he worked with Management Board Secretariat on “red tape issues”. Patrick left Queen’s Park in August of 2000 so that he could focus on Barrie and his hopes to make Barrie a better place to live, work and play.”

    Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20020803235509/http://www.patrickwbrown.com/about.html


  3. Gail Benjafield

    Interesting point Mr. Viera

    I am told by reliable sources that not only was Patrick Brown on the backbench, but next to him sat Rick Dykstra of St. Catharines, who also parroted everything the former federal government wanted. An insider also points out that the latter’s son now is an EA to Patrick Brown. And Dykstra, also worked for Harris – working, I recall, as an aide to John Baird.
    Birds of a Feather ….
    admittedly no fan here. ….


  4. Is Patrick Brown “a wolf in sheep clothing”?
    Clinics serve a purpose. As such they should be seen as an extension of the hospital rather than a separate entity. As extensions of the hospitals clinics should be paid for services by the hospitals. In other words, the government funding to the clinics should be through the hospitals rather than directly to the clinics.
    As a result of the clinical tests, in many cases, patients (clients) need further medical attention in the hospital. Due to reduced funding, the hospitals may have had to reduce the services required by the patient – causing the patient to be put on a wait list or have to go to an out of area hospital that still has funding available to address the needs of the patient.


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