Ontario Premier Applauds Progress On Alberta Climate Change Plan

  • Ontario and Alberta Will Work Together to Fight Climate Change, Ontario, Canada’s  Premier Lathleen Wynne Says

A Media Release from the Ontario Government

Posted May 27th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Queens Park, Toronto – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne expressed support today for Alberta’s latest initiative to fight climate change, adding that the two provinces will continue to work together to protect the environment, create long-term, sustainable growth and strengthen Canada’s economic union.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley (left) and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne singing from same song book on climate change

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley (left) and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne singing from same song book on climate change

Speaking at a Calgary Chamber of Commerce luncheon this Friday, May 27th, Premier Wynne said she was pleased to see Alberta take the next step to implement its climate action plan by introducing legislation earlier this week that would, if passed, put a price on carbon.

Premier Wynne emphasized that any meaningful plan to fight climate change needs to include a price on carbon, as Ontario’s and Alberta’s plans both do.

The Premier added that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to climate change. For Ontario’s diverse, knowledge-based economy, the most effective form of carbon pricing is a cap and trade program that will reinvest the proceeds to help households and businesses become more energy efficient. Cap and trade is being introduced in Ontario because it will also help spur on businesses and entrepreneurs as they develop the low-carbon technologies of the future.

The Premier said Ontario will continue to work with and support Alberta as it implements its plan, adding that working together will help each province create jobs and growth and reach its emission reduction targets while helping Canada achieve its international commitments.


  1. On May 26, 2016 in Edmonton, Premier Wynne and Premier Notley announced a Memorandum of Understanding to support the development of new technology that will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector.
  2. Ontario has announced a hard cap on emissions in the form of a cap and trade program. The province is also working to help build the largest carbon market in North America and has shut down and permanently outlawed coal-fired electricity generation.
  3. Ontario and Alberta represent 50 per cent of Canada’s population and contribute more than half of the country’s GDP.
  4. Ontario’s climate actions and innovation ecosystem have helped build a cleantech sector that is Canada’s largest and fastest growing.
  5. In 2015, global investment in renewable energy was double the amount invested in the oil and gas sector, and half of the revenue generated from Canada’s cleantech businesses was from exports.
  6. The Premier strengthened economic and political ties with Alberta by leading a roundtable with business representatives. She also met with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson.


Learn more about Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy

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