Join The Ontario-Wide Referendum – To Save Our Community Hospitals & The Services They Provide

A Call-Out from the Ontario Health Coalition – a citizens advocacy group for quality public health services

Posted May 4th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

The Ontario Health Coalition has been on the front lines across the province, actively campaigning to stop the devastating cuts in local public hospitals and to win a restoration of funding, staffing, beds and services to meet communities’ needs for care.

save hospitals

Now heading into the ninth year in a row of real-dollar cuts to hospitals’ global budgets, Ontario’s community hospitals are lagging behind virtually all other provinces in every reasonable measure of hospital funding. We have dropped to the bottom in key measures of care: we have the fewest hospital beds, we are pushed out of hospital faster, and we have the least nursing care (RN & RPN) per patient of any province in the country.

To save our community hospitals, it is imperative that we stop the cuts. We need to provide a means for regular Ontarians to make visible their opposition to the cuts to their local hospitals. We need to make the overwhelming public opposition to the cuts so undeniable, so impossible to ignore that the government cannot continue to railroad the cuts through. We are calling for Ontarians to join a province-wide vote to make Ontario’s government listen to the concerns of our communities & restore our local hospital services. 

There will be community and workplace votes. You can order materials directly from our office. There are also community campaigns running across the province. To join a campaign near you and for more information on the referendum, please visit

To get involved you can also:

  • Order materials for a community or workplace vote. Scroll down for the order form (also attached as printable pdf version).
  • Help volunteer with street votes all across Ontario on the final voting day, Saturday May 28 (workplace votes can happen anytime between now and May 28).
  • Set-up community votes and workplace votes and order ballots and leaflets straight from our office.


Ballot & Leaflet Order Form

To place an order: Please send your ballot and leaflet order ASAP to the OHC at, or 15 Gervais Dr., Suite 604, Toronto Ontario M3C 1Y8.

Name & Organization:

Address:                                        City/Town & PCode:

Tel. #                                                 Email:

Order Quantity

Ballots x              

Leaflets x

Please check one:

___ I will be picking-up the referendum materials.

___ Please deliver my ballots/leaflets.

*Deadline for ordering materials: Friday May 13

Protecting Public Medicare for All ~ Ontario Health Coalition –  15Gervais Drive, Suite 604 Toronto, ON M3C 1Y8

Find out more about the Coalition and its work by clicking on –

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One response to “Join The Ontario-Wide Referendum – To Save Our Community Hospitals & The Services They Provide

  1. I was about to write but I have been down that path too often in the past few years ….So I have decided to look to the future and maybe even get the hell;l out of this province, and if necessary out of this country. So I am going to save you the trouble of reading “What should have happened”


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