Get Ready To ‘FEEL THE BERN’ In Buffalo, New York!

U.S. Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Brings His Campaign For ‘A Future To Believe In’ To “The Queen City” This Coming Monday, April 11th

News from the Buffalo For Bernie Sanders campaign headquarters

Bernie Sanders rocks the Bronx during a recent rally in New York City

Bernie Sanders rocks the Bronx during a recent rally in New York City

Posted April 10th, 2016 on Niagara At Large (with apologies for the typo in the reference to the University of Buffalo in the first version of this post out.

IT’S OFFICIAL!! Mark your calendars – it’s happening Monday, April 11th, at 7pm at the University of Buffalo’s Alumni Arena (capacity 6,100)!

There are no tickets. It’s first come first serve until capacity is reached. Doors open at 4. Very limited parking will be available on-site after 3 p.m. Carpooling and taking public transit is strongly encouraged. We will post volunteer opportunities as soon as we have information.bernie rally closeup

RSVP link is live for rally event details:

Buffalo for Bernie Sanders shared The Buffalo News‘s post.22 hrs ·

For more details on when and wheres, etc. of Bernie Sanders’ rally in Buffalo and for more on Buffalo for Bernie Sanders, visit the campaign’s facebook page at .

View a recent Bernie Sanders rally in New York State here –


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2 responses to “Get Ready To ‘FEEL THE BERN’ In Buffalo, New York!

  1. Canada needs a Bernie Sanders more than most people realize and that is the shame of Canadian Politics


  2. I hope he passes Hillary who is just a closet Republican with so much dirty laundry it’s scary. She has basically purchased the “Super Delegates”, is a Wall Street lackey and has lied terribly about Sander’s record. She also admires and is supported by the disgustingly evil Henry Kissinger, a man who carpet bombed Cambodia just for a better negotiating status in Viet Nam. She also voted for Iraq and Libya. Both disasters. The list of her foibles is endless. The Clinton machine will stop at nothing.


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