Bad-Mouthing The Values Of Our New York Neighbours Can Buy You A Ticket On The F.U. Train!

A Brief One from NAL publisher Doug Draper

Posted April 7th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

While participating in a candidates’ debate a few months back in a largely white, conservative region of America a few months back, ultra-right wing Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz attempted to do what he seems to think he knows how to do best – pander to the xenophobes and ‘wonder breads’ in his audience.

The Canadian–born Cruz did so at one point by badmouthing what he calleddrop dead ted “New York values” – meaning a state populated with too many people with funny accents, hard-to-pronounce names, and a diversity of skin colours, faiths and lifestyles that stray frightfully far away from those old-time values he vows to defend as he ever so righteously clutches a copy of ‘the Good Book’ in his right hand.

So leave it to New Yorkers to greet Cruz in the kind of rough-and-tumble, in-your-face way only they can as he and his wife were touring through the big city borough of the Bronx this April 6th, in the week and a half leading up to the New York State Primary where the stakes for presidential wanna-bees can be huge.

As a sample of that rough and tumble, and the greeting Cruz received as he and his wife walked the streets where boxer Jake La Motta of ‘Raging Bull’ fame once roamed, the front page of the April 7th edition of the New York Daily News, a popular tabloid published in the Big Apple, featured an enlarged image of the pair and a headline that reads; “Honey, how do we get out of the Bronx? Take the FU Train, Ted!”

take the fu train ted

To read the New York Daily News’ coverage of Ted’s Bronx tour, click on the following, with a warning to the rest of us that bad-mouthing New York values can see us out there on the cold, gray sidewalks with him, is ‘Cruzin’ for a bruisin’ –

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