Trump Would Build ‘Big Wall’ Along Northern Border To Block Fleeing Americans

By Doug Draper, publisher, Niagara At Large

The late U.S. President John F. Kennedy famously stood before the Berlin Wall and declared to his Soviet era rivals that America “doesn’t need a wall to keep our people in.”

But all that may change if billionaire Republican Party front rummer Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States.trump wall

Trump began his race for the U.S. presidency a year ago last June with a promise that he will build a “big wall” along the Mexican border to keep “rapists, murders and drug dealers” from that country out.

Now he is saying in one of his overnight tweets that he may have to build an equally big wall along the entire 5,525 mile length (that’s 8,891 kilometres, the way people north of the border measure things) of the Canada/U.S. border to keep American citizens from moving to Canada in droves if he is elected president.

A number of Americans have already expressed openly that they would seriously consider moving to Canada if Trump were elected to their country’s highest office. In fact one video, which started out as a spoof report on an island in Atlantic Canada that Americans may move to if faced with a Trump presidency, has gone viral on YouTube in the United States.

And while Trump has openly said how much he “loves under-educated people” who flock to his rallies in droves and support him in state primaries, on that same overnight tweet” he expressed concern about the possibility of large numbers of educated Americans leaving the country.

“It will be hard to make America great again if we only have losers and stupid people left in the country,” he added in the tweet. “We’ll see what happens, but we may have to build a wall and I’m sure I can get that dripping-wet-behind-the-ears twerp Canadians voted in as prime minister to pay for it.”

In his ongoing back and forth Twitter war with Trump, Republican presidential candidate contender Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, said he may head north if the Donald wins too, and may even take a run for the leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party to replace Stephen Harper and interim party leader Rona Ambrose.

Convinced that his xenophobic, anti-Muslim and militaristic views would go over well with the base of the Conservative Party, Cruz mused in his tweet about how much the insulting of each other’s wives would escalate if Trump were president and he became the next prime minister of Canada.

“Getting elected prime minister of Canada would, as a Francophone might put it, be a real coup d’etat for me,” concluded Cruz in his tweet, “and I’m sure old stock Canadians would love it.”


Now if you are wondering why you are reading all of this for the first time in Niagara At Large, it came to us exclusively from a leprechaun left over from Buffalo’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

And the little green guy was good enough to share the whole story just in time for April fool’s Day.

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One response to “Trump Would Build ‘Big Wall’ Along Northern Border To Block Fleeing Americans

  1. cath ens-hurwood

    ahhhaaa Doug – everything in there is so totally believable given the tone of the American run for presidency


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