Democracy In Ontario Circles The Drain In The Shadows Of Special Interests Purchasing Access To Cabinet Ministers

A Brief One from NAL publisher Doug Draper

Posted April 1st, 2016 on Niagara At Large

In the last week of this March, 2016, we, the people in Ontario have been treated to a series of disturbing stories in major Canadian newspapers about special interest groups contributing cash to political parties’ coffers for access to party leaders.democracy_for_sale_by_jamaster3

“The fact of the matter is that, thanks to the province’s legislated indifference to normal standards of behavior and morality,” stated the lead editorial in the March 30th edition of The Globe and Mail, “Ontario’s Liberal government practices the systematic selling of access to wealthy donors from the corporate and labour worlds.”

As someone said to me in a note during the past week, these stories should open our eyes to the fact that when it comes the role big money plays in shaping the conduct and quite possibly much of the decision making of the people we elect to hopefully serve all of us, without favour to a select few, in government.

Most disturbingly, added the person who wrote the note, it shows that when it comes to influence peddling and special interests able to buy more access to our political leaders than anyone with little or no money would ever get, Ontario isn’t really all that much different than other regions in Canada or the United States with political systems that are already long known for that kind of  corrupt and morally bankrupt way of doing business.

And speaking of the United States, it is interesting to note that two of the presidential candidates now drawing the most excitement among voters is, for better in my view, Bernie Sanders, who is funding virtually all of his campaign through millions of small donations from everyday people, and for worse, Donald Trump, whose campaign is believed to be mostly self-funded.

The popularity of these two candidates, relative to most of their corporate-sponsored rivals, is one indication of how fed up people are with politicians who appear to be in the pockets of wealthy interests.

And in that spirit, here is an image a longtime visitor to Niagara At Large shared with us in the wake of all the news around influence peddling involving government ministers in Ontario (with apologies for the American content, the message is just as relevant to politics in this province today).

politicla fundrasing

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One response to “Democracy In Ontario Circles The Drain In The Shadows Of Special Interests Purchasing Access To Cabinet Ministers

  1. Why would one expect different…Corporate parties have their owners and it is not the common folk


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