Bernie Needs You To Canvass In Buffalo & Western New York!

Counting Down To The April 19th New York State Primary – We Need You

A Call-Out from the Buffalo for Bernie Sanders campaign office


The New York primary is now less than two weeks away. We need all hands on deck to help us canvass Buffalo and Western New York. bernie for president 

In 2008, Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama in New York by 17 points.  The most recent Quinnipiac poll shows Sanders down 12 points to Clinton, 42% to Clinton’s 54%.

 New voter registrations, despite the lack of voter registration drives run by the Democratic party establishment in New York, have been unprecedented.  Many of you have been part of this campaign for months now.

 You have helped do the tough work of registering voters at art festivals, public events, and on college campuses.  You helped collect some of the 87,000 signatures that allowed Bernie Sanders ballot access.  You have engaged voters and won their votes one by one.4benie btoons two  

Now, we are asking for your help to come to our office at 404 Amherst street and phone bank for Bernie.  We need your help to go door to door and canvass..

This Saturday, April 2nd, we will be dispatching volunteers out from several locations in WNY and we need you to be part of our efforts.  Follow the link below to find an event near you and sign up.

 If there is not an event near you, work with us to be an event host.

You can also call our office or reply to this email to help us tomorrow during our day of action.

Brian Nowak Buffalo for Bernie Sanders 716-221-4276

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2 responses to “Bernie Needs You To Canvass In Buffalo & Western New York!

  1. pat scholfield

    Much as I like Bernie Sanders, I would prefer to have him as Hillary’s running mate. I believe she has the necessary experience to incrementally implement many of the policies Sanders is advocating.


  2. Pat I would hate to see another Clinton in the White House as her husband Bill in the early 1990s repealed the Glass/Steagall legislation and because of his reckless act eliminated all regulation on banks and the stock market causing the horrific recession/depression of 2008…I think Sanders is the better person and his ideals are being picked up by Clinton in hopes of winning …..Doug is right when he backed Sanders…


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