Globe & Mail Story Ties Controversial Hydro One Sell-Off To Ontario Liberal Fundraising Scheme

A Brief One from NAL publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 30th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

This is a story every person who owns a home and/or a business they pay hydro bills for in Ontario should read and act on with at least a 120 volts of concern and outrage.

The investigative piece is headlined; ‘Hydro One players paid for exlusive access to ministers’, and it begins like this –HydroOne_ForSale

“One of the banks that ran the lucrative privatization of Hydro One promoted a $7,500-per-person fundraiser for the two Ontario provincial cabinet ministers in charge of the sale, The Globe and Mail has learned.

The event on Dec. 7, 2015, which featured Finance Minister Charles Sousa and Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, appears to have raised about $165,000 for the Liberals.

The fundraiser was promoted by Bank of Nova Scotia, one of the lead underwriters for Hydro One’s initial public offering. In an e-mail last fall encouraging other financial executives to attend, John Sherrington, vice-chairman of global investment banking for Scotiabank, wrote that he was “honorary chair” of the event and described it as a chance for “a small group of senior executives to spend an informal evening with the Ministers of Energy & Finance.” …

Here are two thumbs from Niagara At Large to The Globe and Mail for posting this story and I urge you to read the rest of it by clicking on the link below.

But before you do that, I am posting two more items below the link for the Globe story. They included a link for a related recent story The Toronto Star did on Ontario Liberal Party fundraising schemes, and contact information for St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley who serves in the Ontario Liberal government’s cabinet.

Bradley’s inbox and phone at his St. Catharines constituency office should be going through a meltdown over messages and calls from upset citizens over this.

And while you are contacting Bradley over political fundraising schemes around the partial privatization of Hydro One, take another moment or two to ask the Liberal minister or one of his office surrogates why his government is sitting back and allowing neo-cons occupying the board and senior staff positions at the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to compromise and corrupt the NPCA’s historic mandate of protecting and preserving what are left of this region’s natural watersheds and wildlife places.

Now here is the link for the Globe and Mail story .

Here is the link to a related Toronto Star story on Ontario Liberal fundraising schemes –

And finally, here is contact information for St. Catharines MPP and Ontario Liberal cabinet minister Jim Bradley –

St. Catharines Riding – Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, 2 Secord Drive, Unit 2 St. Catharines L2N 1K8 Email: Phone: 905-935-0018

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3 responses to “Globe & Mail Story Ties Controversial Hydro One Sell-Off To Ontario Liberal Fundraising Scheme

  1. And here’s the proof, if indeed more proof were needed, that our local politicians are wasting their time and ours in continuing to lobby this government on GO service to Niagara or saving the Welland Hospital. The Wynne Liberals have no scruples whatsoever: they will say ANYTHING. For goodness sakes let’s stop making fools of ourselves. Let’s focus on what we can do ourselves FOR ourselves. To expect help from a government that is clearly drowning in corruption and complicity is the height of folly.


  2. Robert McMaster

    Now this really pisses me off…


    Back in the 1980’s, in St. Catharines/Niagara, I was involve with a group, “PEOPLE POWER”, Collectively we got the word out about the provincial government’s plan to put a toxic waste site and toxic waste incinerator right in the middle of the Niagara Peninsula (Town of Lincoln) . It took a lot of hard work and getting the word out, but the people and local regional government rallied in protest, it took a few years but the people of Niagara won out, no toxic waste site was built. maybe that same “PEOPLE POWER” attitude is once again needed, but this time on a provincial level. Maybe it’s time for the people of Ontario to, in a manner of speaking, “Storm the Bastille’s” of the Ontario Parliament and demand Ontario Hydro stay public!

    Organize in a “PEOPLE POWER” collective and demand it because asking politely just seems to be falling on the deaf ears of Ontario’s corporate loving, in it for themselves, Liberal government. Let your MPP’s know what you think. Be part of your own “PEOPLE POWER”.

    Robert McMaster
    (now of) London, Ontario


  3. In my opinion Fiona is absolutely right in her condemnation of the morals of this Ontario Liberal Government, a Party elected only as a protest to prevent MPP Hudak from his enacting the Burnt Grass policy initiated first by Harris. A statement I resurrected from the article in the Globe and Mail and reads as such when referencing new and stricter laws governing third party donations beyond the scope of what the poorer folk consider “Their” norm

    ‘Ms. Wynne provided no details, and said many of the reforms will not come into effect until after the next election in 2018.

    Ms Wynne will not have to worry about the above B.S. as she stated above …….for she and her puppets will no longer be siting in Queens Park except maybe on the benches outside wondering how the hell they got caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar…..THey were supposed to be protected ????????
    American Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader once stated it matters not who one votes for…… Republican (in our case Conservative) or Democrat (Liberal) they are both corporate owned and they will bow to the wishes of their owners and the poor folk can have their cat or dog food while the Corporate owners dine at the Ritz.
    What is the answer????I wish I knew…..Is there NO HONEST people left in our countries.?????

    Just an Opinion


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