Ontario NDP MPP Wayne Gates Demands Answers On Rising Drug Costs For Seniors In Niagara

From Wayne Gates, Member of Provincial Parliament for the Niagara, Ontario riding of Niagara Falls

Posted March 24th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario This March 24th, Wayne Gates, Ontario NDP MPP for Niagara Falls, challenged the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care today to answer for the unfair increase to senior drug prices released in the latest (Provincial) Liberal budget.

Niagara Falls, Ontario MPP Wayne Gates

Niagara Falls, Ontario MPP Wayne Gates

“Minister, I’ve been all across my riding from Fort Erie, through Niagara Falls and into Niagara-on-the-Lake and the message is the same – seniors are worried about your Liberal government’s plan to increase the cost of their prescription medicine,” Gates said.

Gates told the minister that the (Ontario) Liberal government’s budget would nearly double the deductible on prescriptions for seniors and cause higher co-payments each time they fill a prescription. He went on to note that seniors in Niagara are already facing serious challenges because of skyrocketing hydro rates and a series of poor decisions by this Liberal Government.

“Will your government reverse this decision and tell the seniors in Niagara that they do not have to worry about higher co-payments and increased annual deductibles when it comes to their medication?” he asked

“Seniors made my community great and they deserve better.”

To hear or view Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates raise this issue in the provincial legislature click on the following links

AUDIO: https://db.tt/A0pd4rKg VIDEO:  https://db.tt/WkN89Cko

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One response to “Ontario NDP MPP Wayne Gates Demands Answers On Rising Drug Costs For Seniors In Niagara

  1. Linda McKellar

    Yes, we seniors are an endless font of $$$$$$. Pass the cat food please.


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