Public Celebration Planned For A Much-Beloved Niagara, Ontario Citizen

A Brief from Niagara At Large publisher Doug

Hannelore Headley, who left us this June 15, 2013 in her 78th year, was more than the owner of Hannalore Headley’s Old And Fine Books on the Montebello Park end of Queen Street in St. Catharnes, Ontario.

Hannelore Headley

Hannelore Headley

For 40 years, she was that wonderful used book store’s heart and soul, and she was also a person who loved and cared about her community as much as she loved books.

Fortunately, new people who shared in her love of finding new homes for great used books now own and operate that grand store, and Hannelore will be honoured this coming Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 2 p.m. with a dedication in St. Catharines Montebello Park.

She certainly deserves this celebration and you can join it. And for more details check out the poster on this event directly below.Hannah Headley Plaque

For more on this late great Niagara, Ontario citizen check out the piece we posted on Niagara At Large following her passing by clicking on .

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