Niagara Falls’ PC Candidate Delivers ‘Open Letter’ Challenge To By-Election Opponents

Submitted by the Campaign for Niagara Falls PC Canadidate Bart Maves 

To Joyce Morocco, Liberal Candidate, and Wayne Gates, NDP Candidate, January 29th, 2014

Dear Ms. Morocco and Mr. Gates,

It has been two weeks since the beginning of the by-election and Niagara Falls residents have yet to hear directly in an open and public forum from your Leaders about their failed record and unrealistic plans that will only lead to more debt and higher taxes.

Ontario PC candidate for Niagara Falls, Bart Maves

Ontario PC candidate for Niagara Falls, Bart Maves

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak has always stood up for the Niagara Region. He has shown leadership by talking to residents directly about his plan to create jobs and to make the necessary investments to improve health care for Niagara Falls. In fact, over the past three months, he has held 6 town hall meetings to listen to the concerns of Niagara residents.

 While attending those town halls, I heard directly from families who are struggling because of deliberate decisions by the Liberals and NDP that have threatened the livelihoods of everyone relying on the Fort Erie Race Track. I have heard far too many troubling stories about our families being hurt because we have the highest hydro rates in Canada. Residents also spoke quite passionately about the need to improve health care.

 While door-knocking throughout the riding, I have heard residents express their anger that Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath have refused to talk about their parties’ track record on these issues. In particular, they want to know:

  • Why Premier Wynne and Ms. Horwath have been silent on the fact that the Liberals, aided and abetted by the NDP, supported the devastation of the Fort Erie Race Track?
  • Why have your parties been hiding the fact that they voted in favour of expensive taxpayer subsidies for wind and solar that has driven up hydro bills in Niagara Falls?
  • Why did the Liberals ignore the need for a new Niagara South hospital for 16 months until a by-election was eminent?
  • Will the NDP explain why they think a new hospital in Niagara Falls is “preposterous” and why they are opposed to Dr. Kevin Smith’s plan to save taxpayers $285 million while providing better health services?

Premier Wynne and Ms. Horwath are hiding from taxpayers. They are running from the fact that hydro rates have doubled because of their decisions and our region has Ontario’s highest unemployment rate. Niagara Falls deserves better. I hope that your leaders decide to follow the lead of Tim Hudak and take some time to listen directly to the concerns of the constituents of Niagara Falls. If they are unwilling to do so during an election, why should anyone take anything they say as anything except rhetoric for their own self-interest?

 Will you call on them to follow Tim Hudak’s example by facing the families of our communities in an unscreened, open town hall?

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5 responses to “Niagara Falls’ PC Candidate Delivers ‘Open Letter’ Challenge To By-Election Opponents

  1. Paul Godfrey, former Chair of OLG and active Conservative, John Snobolen, another Conservativere, supported the recommendation to close the Fort Erie Slots. The transition team of which John Snobolen is a member has yet to approve the continuation of the Fort Erie Race Track.


  2. Paul Godfrey, former Chair of the OLG and a Conservative supporter, strongly pushed for the modernization of Gambling in Ontario. at the expense not only of the Fort Erie Slots but also the Niagara Falls Casinos.


  3. Politics, not peoples’ needs, are behind the decision for the proposed Niagara Falls site of the South Niagara Hospital. It was political decisions that caused the St. Catharines Hospital to be the Regional Hospital.

    When they held Open House re the St. Catharines Hospital I referred to it as a Regional Hospital. I was corrected!

    The Niagara Falls site is to correct the error of the location of the St. Catharines Hospital. I guess politicians feel that two errors make a right.

    Further study shows that had the local politicians of the day agreed to have a Regional Hospital one would have been built. Those politicians wanted to keep their local hospitals at the expense of a Regional Hospital. The result: today we have no Regional Hospital and our local hospitals are being stripped.

    Let us look to the needs of the people in the area.


  4. When and in what context did Andrea Horvath use the word “preposterous” when talking about Niagara Falls’ need for a new hospital? To my knowledge, she and her party have ALWAYS acknowledged that the city needs a new hospital to replace the aging GNGH. Her caveat — and she is by no means alone in expressing these concerns — is that south Niagara should not be left without hospital services as a result. Perhaps Messrs. Hudak and Maves could find something reasonable to say to potential voters that does not involve making false statements about the opposition’s position…but perhaps not. Also — it is extraordinary that the party that boasts about its prudent fiscal approach should be so lazy as to accept without question the comparative costs between a new P3 hospital for Niagara Falls and renovations of existing sites, produced by the Liberal government’s supervisory appointee. Are Hudak and Maves simply ignoring the fact that Smith’s figures are unsubstantiated by any explanatory detail, or do they simply not care whether Ontario tax dollars are spent prudently, as long as their party profits in the short term?


  5. The Hudak energy model is too expensive and out-dated:


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