Niagara Gets A Toronto Cop For A New Chief Of Police

By Doug Draper

Jeffrey McGuire – you might just as well get used to that name – is going to be this Niagara, Ontario region’s new chief of police.

That is the word being pushed out this May 16 from the region’s mainstream media with not much more than two-thumbs up from Thorold, Ontario regional councillor and NRP police board chair Henry D’Angela saying the board “is delighted” McGuire accepted the position.

John Pruyn, a Thorold, Ontario amputee, former Revenue Canada employee and hobby farmer, is dragged away by police during the G20 summit in June of 2010 for sitting under a tree on the grounds of Queen’s Park, and detained for more than 24 hours in a makeshift cage. McGuire made no apologies for the actions of police but neither he or anyone else in policing authority apologized to John Pruyn after dragging him off and caging him with no charges laid and no explanation.

“The board is particularly impressed with chief-designate McGuire’s combination of strong operaiont and investigative experience, coupled with his outstanding trak record in working with diverse communities, and his skills in conflict resolution,” added D’Angela who has absolutely no background in policing.

On the subject of “conflict resolution,” McQuire  was among the first mouthpieces for the Toronto police two years ago this June who was quick to support the policing conduct during the G20 Summit proceedings in that city. Later, everyone from the civil liberty lawyers to Ontario’s ombudsman Andre Marin characterized many of police actions as an assault on democratic rights in this country. 

But let’s leave the final words on that G20 episode, where most of those who were kicked and clubbed and dragged away and detained with not even an opportunity to call a lawyer, were later to have found to have done nothing wrong – let’s leave the last words to our incoming Niagara Regional Police chief from an article published by the London Free Press, a Sun Media Paper and part of the same chain that owns the daily papers in Niagara, a few days after the mess on the streets of Toronto during the G20 two years ago. 

The article is titled “Police aren’t going to apologize” and the main spokesman is Jeff McGuire

Police aren’t going to apologize

Crowd kept penned in heavy rain because cops say they breached peace


Last Updated: June 27, 2010 11:36pm

Toronto Police Staff-Supt. Jeff McGuire tells media Sunday night he stands by tactics his officers used in an effort to defend the city against armed thugs. Many media in attendance quizzed him about some of the detaining tactics. (JACK BOLAND/Toronto Sun)

Toronto Police aren’t saying sorry to those who were detained for marching in Sunday’s protests or for their tactics of moving crowd control.

“In the case of Queen St., during the time of that escort, we gained significant evidence to suggest we have members of Black Bloc type of people involved in the crowd,” Staff-Supt. Jeff McGuire said during a press conference at police headquarters late Sunday night.

“I cannot apologize to them and I won’t,” McGuire said. “It’s unfortunate the whole city had to go through what we went through this weekend, but the officers had the lawful right.”

Police saw several people don masks and recovered weapons along the route, McGuire said.

Several hundred people were boxed in by cops at Queen St. and Spadina Ave. and detained for breaching the peace for several hours in the pouring rain.

Many of the those who were eventually let go were civilians who got caught up in the mix.

McGuire said there were some arrests made of those who donned masks for preparing for an indictible act, but couldn’t specify how many were charged. He also couldn’t specify what weapons were found.

“Our officers did have the lawful right and did so and in order to prevent a further breach of the peace, they used the resources to bring the group to a stop,” he said.

“Our reaction is a fair and balanced measure of reaction to what we see,” he said. “Yesterday, we had a full-scale riot in this city. Today we didn’t have that.”

McGuire also isn’t apologizing to the media either, including those who got detained or arrested with the protesters. He stresses that the tactics are “in the best interest of the public.”

“If the media get themselves caught in unlawful assembly or breach of the peace situation, they risk being detained,” he told reporters.

“I’m not going to apologize to you for the media being caught in that.”

McGuire said there will be sufficient personnel deployed in Toronto in the following days — though it’s unclear if they’re from out of province.

For those who feel the police tactics were excessive, McGuire said they can file a complaint to their local police station or independent review process.”

That is the end of that Sun Media story and I would suspect that not too many Sun Media papers, including ones in this paper, will call McGuire up on his knee-jerk support for the way the police behaved during that G20 event two years ago. They need the cop reports on crimes, accidents, etc. to pad the pages in their papers, so they will suck up to the new chief.

In the corporate news business, that’s the way it is.

(Niagara At Large invites anyone willing to share their real first and last names to post their comments on this post below.)



7 responses to “Niagara Gets A Toronto Cop For A New Chief Of Police

  1. The appropriateness of this information being disseminated on the same day as the independent review process McGuire said people could complain to shouldn’t be lost on us. And surprise, surprise but even with the independent commission having agreed that chorus of others, like Andre Morin, in condemning Toronto Police’s actions, Toronto Chief Bill Blair still won’t apologize and says he has to investigate. Whether McGuire, in his role as then Staff-Spt. was directly involved in the orders given, the way Toronto Police are moving on this file, the majority of those involved will be retired before they’re “investigated.”
    One wonders if Henry D’Angela and the rest of the Police Services Board did a Google search before agreeing to this hire. It certainly doesn’t look like it.


  2. Terry Nicholls

    They could not have chosen a more suitable person to represent and maintain the standards of the NRP.


  3. The RCMP units that were assigned to the G20 summit in Toronto arrested only 7 people out of those 7 it turns out that 2 of them were plain clothes police officers, what were they doing that caused the RCMP to arrest them? I presume they were doing something they were’nt supposed to be doing,.smells fishy to me, Do we need a police chief from a tainted police service? I think not.


  4. STEVE PAKIN of TVO was there and had nothing but DEROGATORY COMMENTS about what HE witnessed happening to innocent people on the streets of Toronto.
    My son is Policeman and I only hope and pray he was not involved or condoned what took place that shameful day on the Streets of Toronto.
    Yes Harper and McGuinty are to blame but it was the Toronto police that displayed the Gestapo conduct that caused the debacle, the DEBACLE watched throughout the world.
    We NOW have been informed that this SAME police officer and spokesman who publicly condoned and praised the G20 police action in Toronto hired with glowing public tributes by NRP Board Chairman and Regional Councilor Henry D’Angela as our NEW POLICE CHIEF POLICE CHIEF…God Help us


  5. William Snyder

    And we keep electing these Idiots ??????????


  6. Gail Benjafield

    To respond to all of the above comments, may I add that I know longer believe there is anyway of vetting a candidtae for a position. If the YMCA of GTA didn’t know about Sevenpiffer, and no one bothered to google or find aout about this the Niagara Chief of Police, what are we to make of this? The higher echelon (?) are imperious to making background checkups? What, exactly. ??? If we simpletons can do this, why not those in dominant control?


  7. Tom Braybrook

    …meet the new boss…same as the old boss…


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