Canada Doesn’t Need Corporations Like Caterpillar To Survive And Prosper

 By Preston Haskell

Everywhere one looks, the headlines scream out misery regarding foreign corporations abusing  their power, abusing their employees, abusing abusing Canadian customs and abusing Canada.

Preston Haskell

In the specific case of the Caterpillar plant in London, Ontario  (where workers are fighting a bid to slash their wages and benefits) it is truly is an all-out assault on humanity by this giant  corporation.

Demonstrators cast slurs against greedy corporations. Canadian unions defend their cash flow of dues. Politicians do their best to (to speak falsely or) prevaricate. Socialists blaspheming against every private enterprise, while offering only the imperialistic and failed practice of government-run institutions. However, there is more than enough greed to destroy any society. A greedy growing ‘Patrician Class’ suckling on the life-blood of prosperity, on the power hungry unions playing  their part in the inequality of Canadian fortune, and all carving up the nation as if they own it.

Caterpillar is not unique!  Everyone, but everyone is holding fast to their positions of self-interest. But what position do the remainder of Canadians hold? They are certainly not party to the so-called 99%, which of course is a dastardly canard. They are just the diminishing remnants of a society that has lost its way.

If we do conclude that our society has lost its way, must we also assume that we once had a better way – a better grasp on our destiny, a better management team, and a better sense of equilibrium.

So what is the better way? Who has a better way? During this time of constant war, religious zealots, financial meltdown, unbridled greed and outright corruption, it is becoming more difficult or even impossible to find any country, with the possible exception of Switzerland, which just might have a better way.

What would happen if our upper management bluntly told corporations, both domestic and foreign, that if they wanted to relocate offshore they could sell their goods offshore?  Would we not be able to buy from competitors of Caterpillar?  Would that mean we would be forced to design and build our own goods? OMG, what a disaster! Would it also mean that we might have to solve labour disruptions by adopting the Swiss style triad system of government-union-management negotiations? Would it also mean creating policy to dampen the run-away disparity between rich and poor?

Does Canada really have to sink to the world’s lowest common denominator by bowing at the altar of greed?

The outrageous behaviour of Caterpillar should be looked upon as a valuable lesson. The lesson is that Canada and Canadians can survive and prosper without the likes of Caterpillar. Canada and Canadians will prosper by competitively designing, manufacturing and exporting goods for both domestic and foreign markets.

Canada can compete very well but we must have a better management team.

Preston Haskell is a resident of St. Catharines, Ontario.

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7 responses to “Canada Doesn’t Need Corporations Like Caterpillar To Survive And Prosper

  1. One thing for certain is we certainly are in a real dilemma today and the major problem is GREED….corporate, union and personal.

    I believe one solution may lie in campaign finance reform. Political candidates should never be obligated to somebody or some corporation who has financed their campaign. That would be a start.


  2. As a Canadian first and a conservative Canadian second, i do not have a problem with governments protecting the interests of all Canadians, whether it’s from predatory corporations or predatory public service unions.


  3. “dastardly canard”?


  4. Good article Preston,but Caterpillar is the thin edge of the wedge of what will be the new standard for “jobs”, and Harper did nothing to stop this (nor did the province either).


  5. Mr. Taliano, which of the two words (dastardly canard) do you find troubling?
    Dastardly: Devious, sneaky, deceitful, sly, scheming
    Canard: myth, falsehood, false report, untruth


    • I’m not on this site to argue or name-call. If the phrase is an insult to the Occupy movement, that’s fine, but I don’t agree that it’s a “dastardly canard”. Not sure if you meant that. Ralph Nader recently talked about Occupy and used phrases like “citizen awareness movement”, “human dignity initiative”, “peaceful”, and making politicians “accountable”. I prefer his descriptions. But we can agree to disagree.


  6. Mr. Takiano, the phrase ‘dastardly canard’ is aimed at those who would paint the ‘remaining citizens as part of the 99%’. They are just the diminishing remnants of a society that has lost its way.
    I took it as face value that you had questions about the 2 words and not as a slur to you.


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