Ontario Legislative Committee Says No To Audit On Niagara Parks Commission

Charges of mispending of funds at the Niagara Parks Commission have raised calls for an independent audit of the NPC by the province’s New Democratic Party.

The Niagara Parks Commission's headquarters in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

 So far, those calls have gone unheeded by the governing Liberals and this December 8 a committee dominated by Liberal MPPs voted down an NDP-tabled motion that would have triggered an audit of the commission by the province’s Auditor General.

Below is a media release from the NDP on the latest development for your information.

Liberals vote to cover up Niagara Parks scandal QUEEN’S PARK –

The McGuinty Liberal government has used its majority on a legislative committee to vote down an NDP motion calling for an independent audit of the scandal-ridden Niagara Parks Commission.

At the committee meeting this morning, all the Liberal MPPs voted against the motion put forward by NDP MPP France Gélinas. The motion would have triggered a special audit by the province’s Auditor General.

“I’m astounded. The McGuinty government has voted to cover up the NPC scandal,” said Gélinas. “We’ve seen very troubling allegations of lavish spending, cozy relationships with contractors and lax financial record-keeping. And it’s been going on for years. You’d think the government would be all for an independent audit — but obviously the McGuinty government hasn’t learned anything from the EHealth scandal.”

The Liberal MPPs who voted against Gélinas’ motion are: Wayne Arthurs (Pickering-Scarborough), Aileen Carroll (Barrie), David Ramsay (Timiskaming-Cochrane), Liz Sandals (Guelph) and David Zimmer (Willowdale). “These MPPs will have lots of explaining to do for their vote,” said Gélinas.

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