Ontario Voters Have A Choice Between Rewarding Real Job Creators Or – As Hudak Would Have Us Do – Offering More Across-The-Board Tax Cuts To His Corporate Friends

A Commentary by Doug Draper

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne may be calling the province’s opposition parties “risky,” “radical,” and “reckless.” But there is at least one idea by Andrea Horwath’s New Democratic Party that she should take very seriously.

Ontario Tory Tim Hudak, on left, and NDP leader Anrea Horwath, have radically different views on corporate tax cuts and job creation in Ontario.

Ontario Tory Tim Hudak, on left, and NDP leader Anrea Horwath, have radically different views on corporate tax cuts and job creation in Ontario.

That is the idea that the NDP has been pushing for many months now too only grant “tax credits,” or tax breaks or cuts or whatever you may wish to call them, to companies in Ontario who actually create jobs for Ontario residents.

“A Job Creation Tax Credit will help small business and companies that are investing in our communities and creating jobs here in Ontario, not the ones shipping our jobs overseas,” said Horwath in a statement circulated earlier this March, 2014. “Too many people in Ontario are losing hope of finding a good job and instead of offering change, the government insists the same-old plan is working. We can do better.”

Contrast that with Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak, calling for across the board, corporate tax cuts and simply calling all corporations “job creators.” All corporations in Ontario are “job creators,” according to Hudak, so give them all a tax cut – as if he is telling us that a bunny is going to be showing up at our door this Easter, delivering painted eggs to all. 

This is the kind of trickle down garbage that Hudak’s old master, the former Tory premier from the 1990s, tried retreading from Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher – like just give the upper one per cent more tax cuts and they might throw us a few more jobs. …. Somebody who didn’t believe this crap at the time said. mink  coats don’t shed,’ but here is Hudak still trying to con us into thinking that they do. 

And you know what? I give Hudak enough credit to think that he actually knows better. I think he knows full well that if you give corporations across the board  a tax cut, most of them will do what they have already been doing and just shovel whatever extra cash they get into the pockets of their board directors and shareholders.

I also will give Hudak enough credit to assume he knows that corporations in Canada are already enjoying tax cuts about ten per cent lower than corporations across the border in the United States are enjoying – and he still wants to lower them more!!!!!!!!!!! 

So let’s get back to one of the best ideas that any party in Ontario – in this case, Andrea Horwath and her NDP, have floated in this province yet – and only give tax credits or cuts to corporations or businesses that actually create jobs in Ontario for everyone out there looking for a job opportunity, including our young people. 

Don’t you think that Hudak’s corporate friends have done well enough at the expense of so many others in this province, who are suffering to find another decent job? And where is any evidence from the past two or three decades of this trickle-down bullshit that it has ever created any decent jobs here in the province of Ontario?

Answer? There is none that makes any sense for us little people in this province. The case for voting Hudak and his corporate panderers out of office should be an easy one for anyone who gives a shit about equality and justice for all people in this province.  So enough of Hudak’s north oof the border Tea Party’ kiss-ups for the plutocrats in this province u already. Let’s stand up for the rest of us for a change!

Come next Ontario election, which could come as soon as this spring, let’s vote for the rest of us who are trying to keep or find a decent job, and our children and grandchildren who are struggling to carve out some kind of future in this province. 

To hell with Hudak and his cross-the-board corporate tax cuts. This robbing of taxdollars from the rest of us to enrich his copoorate friends should lead to the end of him and his party as a friend of the 99 per cent in Ontario.

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3 responses to “Ontario Voters Have A Choice Between Rewarding Real Job Creators Or – As Hudak Would Have Us Do – Offering More Across-The-Board Tax Cuts To His Corporate Friends

  1. The NDP has always been the right choice….too bad many Ontarians are entirely too stupid to vote for something better instead of electing these crooked self serving PC’s and Liberals back and forth….


  2. Over the years We the people of Canada have had a constant barrage of anti NDP rhetoric initiated by the Corporate owned Media oligopoly aimed at discrediting any “SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC” form of governance in this country.
    It seems this charade is alive and well in the other very corporate media south of our borders and I wonder just how much money and rabid support during our elections is generated from the American Tea Party Republicans.

    Sweden, Denmark, Norway and other European countries have forms of Social Democracy and are far more advanced then we in the northern area of the Western Hemisphere claim to be.
    Sweden has a reputation that is above dispute and I can attest to that having visited and participated in studying their Steel Mill SSAB
    Denmark A very Social inspired Country had always set the bench mark for Education, Health Care, Social Safety Nets and the inclusion of its Citizens in the Democratic process.
    Norway a country invaded and ravished during the second world war is now the poster country for innovation and social welfare. A population of 5.5 Million citizens now has a government that has amasses almost a Trillion Dollars in Oil Reserve Revenue money While our Alberta’s 42 year reign of Conservative Governments are operating in Deficit Economic conditions???

    So much for fear mongering and it might be wise if you clean the corruption from you own back yards


  3. Been a while since I visited here, and I see nothing has changed except the vitriol.

    Only thing wrong with this article is the theory that corporations pay taxes.
    They don’t.

    Oh sure, they might write the cheque… if they lack sufficient deductions.

    Think for a moment tho… who truly pays corporate taxes?

    Taxes are an expense, and expenses must be covered before profits can be taken.

    And while a corporation might be able to put off paying some of its vendors for a short while, the tax people can seize bank accounts whenever they like.

    So if the corporation cannot pass along taxes to its customers, the corporation goes out of business.

    Therefore when a politician lowers corporate taxes, s/he is lowering everybody’s taxes.


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