You Are Invited to A Free Zoom Webinar on Growing Plants on Your Yard for Pollinators

Learn More About What We Can Do Support Butterflies, Birds and Bees in this Age of Climate Crisis of Habitat Destruction and Unsustainable Urban Sprawl

Webinar Takes Place Thursday, August 18th at 7 P.M.

A Brief Message from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large

Posted August, 15th, 2022

Thank you to Liz Benneian and the Biodiversity and Climate Action Committee- Niagara for posting information on the committee’s site about this Zoom Webinar event which I am pleased to share here.

At a time when all levels of government are not doing enough to address the climate crisis and at a time when too many of our elected representatives at the municipal level continue to approve expansions of our urban boundaries and more paving over more habitat for wildlife at the behest of their masters in the development industry, grass root action by citizens is the only option left.

This Webinar event offers those of us who are fortunate enough to have yards and gardens some productive things that we can do.

It will feature a presentation by Liz Benneian who, in my view and that of many others, has proven herself to be one of the most informed environmental activists in the Niagara region.

You can click on this link: to join the free Plants for For Pollinators Zoom webinar on August 18th at 7 p.m.

For more on the Biodiversity and Climate Action Committee-Niagara, click on – Biodiversity and Climate Action Committee – Niagara

NIAGARA AT LARGE Encourages You To Join The Conversation By Sharing Your Views On This Post In The Space Following The Bernie Sanders Quote Below.

“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders


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