This Moron and His God-Awful Government Have Got to Go!

They Have Blown Any Real Plan to Crush COVID-19. There Lack of Action Borderlines on Criminal Negligence.

IT IS KILLING US! Physically, Mentally and Economically

Posted by Doug Draper, April 18th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders


3 responses to “This Moron and His God-Awful Government Have Got to Go!

  1. Even the Washington Post Global Opinions page says he should resign (David Moscrop) April 18


  2. Robert Milenkoff

    Doug; I have to ask you the next time you superimpose a” DUMP FORD” t shirt on the Premier could you please go 1, or even 2 sizes larger.


  3. I agree, Moron is an accurate description of our Premier’s intellect and foresight. The question I have is, how did he appear to be the best choice of a bad lot, to the voters last election? After all his character has been well known for years. Not only that, voters turned down an offer of pharma care and public dental care. There has to be a reason voters, federally and provincially cycle between Liberals and Conservatives time after time, always hoping for a different result.
    IMHO, this is how it works: Campaigns run 24/7/365 across all media, sports and entertainment not just the controlled and accountable 4 to 6 weeks of the official campaign. We can’t even count on the CBC for unbiased reporting!
    Why? In the case of CBC, they don’t want to get gas lighted by the Special Money interests that owns our government, for appearing to favour liberal or socialist causes. After all who wants to live with another round of budget cuts by government?
    Though the trained eye can barely see daylight between the Liberal and Conservatives parties, the same between the Liberals and NDP. However business, corporate and foreign money interests certainly can. You can tell their preferences by where election campaign money comes from, and to which party. The Conservative Party usually is the best financed, followed by the Liberal Party, then NDP or Green Party.
    That tells me the Conservatives are Special Money interests “Plan A”. Liberals are “Plan B” and the NDP, “NFW”.
    Don’t believe me? Listen to CBC, and other stations/networks, news reporting on COVID 19 (that’s all we get anymore), The Province does this, Ontario does that. Doug Ford and his majority Conservative government escape all ownership of their actions.
    Not necessarily wrong but compare to the Katheryn Wynn government or Bob Rae, they were given ownership of everything they did plus more. That’s called a “No Budget” P.R. campaign. They run 24/7/365 until a government is down to single digits.
    This amounts to Special Interests campaigning to elect or re-elect their preferred Conservative government. Of course Conservative governments always end up making too many very unpopular mores no amount of P.R. can fix, that’s when Special Interests switch and back the election of a Liberal government. Remember 2015 federal election, Conrad Black, in the last days of the official campaign famously said, “Justin can be trusted”? In other words, Harper ain’t going to get elected, vote for Justin, not the strong running NDP at the time.
    I’ve noted subsequent Liberal Governments never undo unpopular legislation of their Conservative predecessor. Never-the-less, new Liberal governments always quickly become the focus of a P.R. campaign preparing voters for the next election. We can see this process going on today federally as the Trudeau Liberals are constantly pummeled.
    That’s how it works; we go to the polls, mark our “X” thinking we have made a good decision not realizing the 24/7/365 campaigning has loaded Malware on our minds, allowing Bay Street to go home election night knowing voters will make the right decision.

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