Ford Government Runs Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes like Death Camps For Our Seniors

Ford’s Agenda – Let Corporate Interests Run LTCs Like Slot Machines, Shield Them from Any Legal Liability, and So What if the Seniors in them Die

A News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted December 28th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Premier Doug Ford recently passed a law protecing privately owned and operated long-term care homes from any legal liability around their care for senior residents.

There was a time when those people now in their 80s and 90s were celebrated as members of “the greatest generation” – those who grew up and struggled their way through a great depression and a catastrophic world war from a century ago.

Now – quite apparently – in the measly, greedy minds of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the minions in his Tory Party, and the private-sector operators he continues to let manage so many of the province’s long-term care homes, they are now little more than basic income units – old gizzards that can easily be replaced by others, lined up to take their place, when they curl up in their soiled diapers and die.

Let’s not kid ourselves my fellow Ontarians.

Welive in a province where we now have a Ford government supported by a critical mass of our fellow citizens, and where previous Ontario governments, going back through the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne Liberals, and the Mike Harris government of the late 1990s,  have never given (forgive my language or not) much of shit aoubt  the way our elders are treated in long-term care homes.

Former Ontario Tory premier, who first set the law for privatizing long-term care homes in Ontario, now sits on the board of a major corporate chain operating private LTCs in the province. Here he is, in 2018, celebrating the inaugural meeting of a Ford government that has allowed private LTCs to go on doing their own thing, and now free of legal liability.

We can see this obscene disregard playing out right now at privately run long-term care homes like one in the Greater Toronto Area that has a name that almost seems Orwellian – “Tendercare” it is called – where as of this December 27th, the COVID-19 case count and death toll in that facility should be enough to inspire possible charges of criminal negligence against whoever is responsible (although charges of that nature would probably never happen in a province with a record of policing that lacks the competence and will to pursue alleged cases of white collar crime).

Please allow me to draw your attention to the first four or five paragraphs of a report about just this one privately owned and operated facility, posted by CBC this December 27th –

“Thirteen more residents have died from COVID-19 since Wednesday at a long-term care home in Scarborough, Ont., that’s grappling with a major outbreak,” the CBC’s December 27th report begins.

“As of Saturday (December 26th), the CBC report continues, “116 residents and 77 staff members at Tendercare Living Centre have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total confirmed active cases to 193, North York General Hospital said in a statement.The hospital said all staff members that have tested positive at the home are now in isolation.

“Physicians and family memberraised concerns about conditions at the home earlier this week. They claimed residents were not receiving enough water or medication due to a lack of staff. That’s when North York General was asked to step in to help control the spread of COVID-19 at the home.

Residents lacking sufficient medication, water at nursing home battling severe COVID-19 outbreak, doctors warn

On Wednesday (less than one  week earlier), Tendercare reported 26 deaths linked to the illness. The total currently sits at 39 following the additional 13 deaths announced Saturday.”

Back to this NAL commentator who  asks the question again. What in hell is going on here?

So the hearses from long-term care homes in Ontario continue to role out.

Ontario’s all-time stupid Ford government knew, or at least should have known, during the first wave of this pandemic in the spring that all things were not that good around proper health gear, proper staffing, and on and on when it comes to the province’s long-term care homes – especially those that are privately owned and are run by individuals who shovel a good percentage of the profits into their pockets and those of their shareholders.

There was even a very damning leaked report by members of Canada’s Armed Forces, called in to assist in long-term care homes in Ontario during the first wave, that detailed graphic descriptions of seniors in these homes, laying in beds while soiled in adult diapers, and begging for water and food.

Yet here we still are with this kind of obscenity still going on.

And why is it going on?

Conquer COVID-19? Apparently not in places where his corporate friends and doners may have to make a few sacrifices to save peoples’ lives.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that a previous Ontario extreme-right Tory government, run by Mike Harris in the late 1990s and early 200s, passed the first ever legislation in this province, allowing the private sector to take over long-term care homes?

And how about legislation they also passed making it so much easier for long-term care homes to run amok because there would now be less government inspections of them?

It did not help that the God-awful follow-up Liberal governments of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne did little or nothing to right these wrongs.

Then, as recently as just a couple of months ago, the Ford government did their corporate friends in the long-term care industry a favour by passing legislation shielding them from any lawsuits – effectively placing them above the law.

And who is responsible for all of this?

Sorry to say it my dear fellow Ontarians but, utlimately,  we are!

We have collectively put this Ford government in power and allowed this criminal negligence against our elders  – against a generation that deserves our respect – to go on.

And shame on Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his self-identified “right-to-life” Tory members, for allowing this carnage to go on.

They are marching their way to the Gates of Hell!

To read the full CBC report referred to above, click on –

To read another recent column from The Toronto Star on this issue, click on file:///C:/Users/owner/Desktop/When%20in%20God%E2%80%99s%20name%20will%20we%20cease%20failing%20the%20elderly%20and%20frail%20in%20long-term-care%20homes_%20_%20The%20Star.pdf .

To read a report from the CBC, first published this May 2020, on a Canadian Armed Services report on the deplorable conditions in Ontario long-term care homes, click on –

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2 responses to “Ford Government Runs Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes like Death Camps For Our Seniors

  1. Robert Milenkoff

    What you see today started with Premier Mike Harris and his common sense revolution…….


  2. This article clearly illustrates the truth of the matter. These Long Term Care facilities are not ‘Homes’ they are institutions. They do not operate to provide “Care” they operate to make a profit. Profit and human service simply cannot co-exist safely. The goal of a for-profit company is to to maximize profits and to do so they must minimize expenses. When the provision of care to vulnerable people is the primary expense, it becomes clear that those people are at risk of not receiving the care they require. This is abundantly evident in the LTC facilities in this province. It is time to stop this charade and get down to providing adequate, dignified care in homelike settings as people have been asking for years. And leave the profit-making to companies that make widgets or thing-a-ma-jigs.


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