Never Mind “Pandemic Fatigue.” Let’s Not Let Our Guard Down, Folks!

The COVID-19 Case Count Is Rocketing Up in Ontario and the Second Wave is Here

How Bad It’s Going to Be & How Long It Lasts Is Up to Us

A Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher           Doug Draper

Posted October 26th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

It’s pretty sad when you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief when the daily COVID19 case count over the past 24 hours in this Province of Ontario comes in at  851 – almost 200 lower than an all-time high of 1,042 cases recorded the day before.

That’s no “hoax” and it is not “fake news,” my fellow Ontarians.

The anti-maskers and their willing enablers out there can try to twist and bend the advice we receive from health experts all they want, but when they try to argue that two plus two does not add up to four, it is hard to argue with raw statistics.

So this  past Sunday, October 25th, as we in Canada are obviously now on the up-swing of a second wave in the more than 10-month history of this killer virus, CBC broadast news division issued the following report  – “Ontario reported a record 1,042 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, marking the first time cases have surpassed 1,000 a day since the outbreak began in late January.”

In Niagara, we can breathe some relief in knowing that on the same day of October 25th that Ontario recorded its highest overall daily case count, the count here was 23, although the highest number of new positives came from the Greater Toronto Area, and to the extent that people from there continue to visit tourist venues in the Niagara Falls area, that might pose a problem.

In the meantime, there are those basic, very simple things we can all continue doing to help stave off another round of spikes in case numbers and very costly lockdowns of private and public services here – where masks or face-coverings in indoor places, social distance and wash hands.

It is not an infringement on our liberties and freedoms. It is about looking after ourselves and each other. Never mind the nuts that cry about liberty and freedom, when what they are really doing is liberating this potentially lethal virus and demonstrating how ill-informed and selfish they are.

One of my favourite cats – a celebrity of a cat named Tigger in a local pet supply store in Thorold called Pet Valu – has a message for us all. You can see it in the photo immediately below.

Tigger, the great celebrity and mascot cat at the Pet Valu store at the Pine Plaza on Pine Street in Thorold, Niagara, is wearing his mask. What is wrong with those who don’t. Photo by Joe Krawchuk at that Pet Valu store in Thorold

To read the full CBC October 25th story on case counts in Ontario, click on –

To keep up to date on the case counts in Niagara, Ontario, click on Niagara Region’s COVID19 page

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One response to “Never Mind “Pandemic Fatigue.” Let’s Not Let Our Guard Down, Folks!

  1. Here are some facts for ya…. Mandatory mask bylaw went into effect Aug 1st….Our numbers were at all time low before the bylaw went into effect…The second wave started in the middle of August, roughly 2 weeks after mask bylaw went into effect. We now have about 95% (or more) compliance with wearing masks yet numbers are still increasing even though more people are wearing masks than at the beginning of August . Here is a link with a graph showing when our cases started going up….… Is it just coincidence that the numbers have gone up since more masks are worn? Could it be that , millions of people who are untrained in properly handling hazardous waste , are making themselves ill? Used masks, like used gloves that are exposed to contagious viruses, bacteria, or any other blood borne pathogen should be properly handled and disposed of, not stuffed in your pocket, hanging from your chin or rearview mirror. Once it is taken off the face it should be immediately discarded into proper refuse container…in this case a biohazard bin. Fact…at most the masks should only be worn for 15 mins…just like gloves…the protection barrier either gets worn down or dirty and clogged, rendering them useless…they should never be worn for hours at a time. They should be changed frequently. They should never be reused.


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