Ontario NDP Leader Calls Out Ford on Record-High COVID-19 Case Count in Province

Despite completing barely over 44,000 tests, Ontario has counted a record-high 978 cases of COVID-19 this Saturday, October 24th

A Statement from Ontario Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

Posted October 24th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Ontario NDP and Official Opposition Party Leader Andrea Horwath

TORONTO — Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement:

“It never should have come to this.

(Ontario Premier) Doug Ford’s refusal to invest in stopping the growth of the second wave is costing us so much more – it’s costing people their health and their lives, it’s hurting small businesses and it’s making the second wave longer and deeper.

Mr. Ford is sitting on more than $9 billion in pandemic support funding. More than $7 billion of that came from the federal government to help Ontario cope with COVID-19. Mr. Ford doesn’t want to spend the money. And cases are skyrocketing as a result.

Right now we need a massive expansion of public health for testing and contact tracing in every community in the province. We need real protections in long-term care, including hiring thousands of PSWs and putting infection control experts in every home. We need a 15-student class cap in schools. People can’t afford to have Mr. Ford delay another day.”

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2 responses to “Ontario NDP Leader Calls Out Ford on Record-High COVID-19 Case Count in Province

  1. You can consider the Ford’s limit of liability as protecting US interests, the Care home profits before Canadian interests


  2. Wilma Telesnicki

    Andrea Horwath, in the past I respected you as a great spokesperson for the people of Ontario and a future Premier of Ontario.
    Today, Nov 21, and for the last 8 months, you have shown the people of Ontario that you are no longer a prospect for Premier!
    Instead of rolling up your sleeves in this unprecedented Pandemic you are sitting on the sidelines waiting for your photo ops and your impromptu
    News Conferences to criticize at every opportunity.
    When the election was decided and Doug Ford was voted in as Premier & you became the Leader of the Opposition. In normal times you would fit right in but during Covid-19 you have done nothing at all to pitch in and. help the Government get through this terrible time in Canada’s history.
    You and all your Party’s elected MPPS appear to be sitting under rocks waiting for that SoapBox moment to come out and criticize!
    One blessing in this whole Scenario is that you are not the Premier !


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