BREAKING NEWS – Canada-U.S. Border Crossings Closed for at least Another Month

Closing to All but Essential Traffic is now being extended until at least August 21st

A Brief News Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted July 14th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

This will be the scene at our border crossings for at least another month, and possibly for much longer – thanks to the mess Trump and company have made of things around this dangerous pandemic.

With the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States continuing to break world records and a U.S. president who continues to behalf as if he could care less, Canada has reportedly reached an agreement with the U.S. to keep shared border crossings closed to all but essential traffic for at least another month.

That bumps the new date for considering any form of re-opening to August 21st – making for a full five months of broad restrictions on whom and what can cross the Canada-U.S. border since they were first adopted in late March.

Another one-month extension will no doubt disappoint a number of U.S. border area congressional representatives, including Buffalo, New York area Congressman Brian Higgins, who have been hoping for at least some easements for people who own property and people who have relatives on either side of the border.

Using a stark headline from a May 2020 edition of  The New York Times as a backdrop, Trump, or the “super spreader-in-chief” as some have taken to calling  him, continues playing more golf than any of his predecessors, g from Eisenhower to Obama, probably have or ever will play in their lifetimes. For 99 per cent of Americans, the president who has recommended people drink bleach as a preventative, COVID-19 is “completely harmless.” This grotesque moron said this even as freezer trucks were being backed up at hospitals in the some U.S. states to store the bodies of COVID victims.

Yet to many Canadians, including some of our government leaders like Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the seemingly out of control outbreaks of COVID-19 cases in many U.S. states – most notably Florida, Texas and California – continue to believe that opening the border might send a Canada that has done a good job of controlling this killer plague could risk sending the country in to a pandemic tailspin.

News that the border restrictions will continue for at least another month was reported this July 14th by CBC which also interviewed some Canadian truck drivers, who have recently made deliveries as far south as Texas in the U.S., expressing their concern – based on the reckless, mask-less behaviour they have witnessed south of the boarder – that opening the border now would spell danger to their fellow citizens.

As for this Niagara At Large reporter who misses my friends in the United States, I have to say that this news is a relief.

For those on the American side that don’t like this news, I would stress to you that your beef is with the madman in the White House who chooses to treat this devastating plague as an assault on him and his personal fortunes.

If you go on supporting this monster, you have no one to blame but yourselves for the deaths and destruction he continues to do to our country and to other nations of people the actions of the United States impact around the world.

It is beginning to seem like decades ago that we crossed back and forth between Canada and the United States on bridges like this – the Peace Bridge between Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York

A P.S. from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large – It is too bad Ontario and New York State, which has done a heroic job of reducing its case counts, cannot work out a deal that only residents in our jurisdiction can cross our shared border.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Along with our friends and neighbours from New York State, we apparently have no choice but to also take in anyone from Trump-friendly states like Texas, Florida, the Carolinas and Dakotas who may wish to cross.

By the way, Canada is not alone in wanting to keep potentially infected Americans out. The European Union – as much as it depends on American tourist dollars – has recently done the same.

Is this what Trump and his millions of mindless, cultish  supporters view as ‘Making America Great Again’?

To read the July 14th, 2020 CBC report on this, click on –

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