Millions Will Die Because of Trump’s Incompetence

“Organize everyone you know to scream bloody murder today. Let your governor/mayor/Senator/President know you will not tolerate one more fucking day of this.” – Michael Moore

By Michael Moore, from Michael Moore’s Facebook Page

Posted March 23rd, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Academy Award-winning filmmaker, author and journalist Michael Moore

A woman in my apartment building was taken out by EMT workers yesterday and died shortly after.

She tested positive for the coronavirus. Rest her soul, blessings upon her.

A chill spread through many in the building, knowing this is only the first of these, here & everywhere. The media doesn’t want you to panic.

The politicians insist that you not panic. I’m here to tell you to panic. Panic like you’ve never panicked before.

Millions will die because of Trump’s incompetence, inaction and waiting too long to figure out how to make a buck off all this.

THAT will be why your loved ones will perish. PANIC! But SMART panic! Don’t go crazy – think! Then ACT.

Organize everyone you know to scream bloody murder today. Let your governor/mayor/Senator/President know you will not tolerate one more fucking day of this.

Call them & demand:

1. PROTECT OUR HEALTH CARE WORKERS! Take over factories & make millions of masks, gowns, gloves, respirators, ventilators NOW. Keep doctors & nurses safe from the virus. If they get infected, NONE of us will get help when we come down with it.

2. TEST EVERYONE. Yes, that’s right. In the city of Vo, Italy, they decided to test all 3,300 residents. The result? There are now no new cases in Vo, Italy. Information is power, ignorance is death. The government needs to make 300 million tests NOW. Ask the Germans and Koreans and Taiwanese for help. We don’t automatically think of testing everyone because we’re not used to treating everyone. We don’t believe in the “EVERYBODY GETS TO SEE A DOCTOR” system. Our corrupt core belief that doesn’t guarantee EVERYONE free health care is now going to be the death of us as we enter Week Nine of wondering why we don’t have enough masks.

3. MOBILIZE THE ARMY. We need temp and field hospitals built now with hundreds of thousands of extra beds and medics to assist.

4. LOCKDOWN. A three-week nationwide lockdown where people stay inside will go a long way to slowing down the spread of the virus. This is going to be a two-year pandemic. Isolating ourselves will spread out those needing medical assistance instead of millions in need all at once.

Let’s do this now, before the next ambulance arrives.

Michael Moore is a journalist and Academy Award-winning producer of films, including ‘Rover& Me’, ‘Bowling for Columbine’, ‘Sicko’, ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, ‘Where to Invade Next’ and ‘Fahrenheight 11/9’, the last one about the nightmare of Trump winning the White House.

For a March 23rd, 2020 story from the Washington Post that Trump’s U.S. Intelligence agencies offered “ominous” warnings to his administration as far back as this January that the coronavirus outbreak could spread to North America and grow lethal – even while Trump and his propaganda machine in the White House and at Fox News was calling the virus threat a “hoax” – click on –

The following link discusses the same report that Trump was warned by Intelligence experts in his own government and chose not to move proactively on the information –

For an excellent commentary, by American journalist, political scientist and CNN cable news host Fareed Zakaria, on the danger that the incompetence and madness of Trump poses to the health of all of us, click on the screen below –

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

3 responses to “Millions Will Die Because of Trump’s Incompetence

  1. Gary Screaton Page

    The President of the United States is a disaster! This is the man who started out his anti-virus response by saying that corona-19 was “a hoax” perpetrated by the Democrats to embarrass him before the 2020 election. Of course he only embarrasses himself! This is also the egocentric buffoon who said the “Chinese virus” was only a single person from China and little more than a cold that was “under control” and still suggests “it will soon be over.”
    Recently, this same “leader”, and I use the term advisedly, held a 90-minute news conference during which he went off course from the intended, urgent, and life-threatening matter of corona-19, to tell the American people how he had sacrificed millions of his billions to become President to serve them. Meanwhile more than a million of his fellow Americans are our of work and struggling to make ends meet.
    Yet, this same, unconscionable, man-in-the-White-House is trying to manage a confused and disorganized collection of sycophants many weeks, if not months, behind in responding to a killer virus he knew about in early January!
    Still, nearly half of Americans extol his virtues despite this emperor having no clothes at all!
    The mean-ing of America is getting more evident day by day. Thousands will die as a result of Trump’s failings as a leader. Wake up America!


  2. The US needs more governors like Andrew Cuomo. He DOES things. He is a good communicator, blunt but realistic, and that is what people need to keep safe. He is mobilizing all of his resources. In the meantime he shows empathy, compassion and a rare commodity, COMMON SENSE! Insley, Newsom and other Governors are doing the work Trump should be doing. Bet he’ll be at Mar a Lago again this weekend like the last.
    Too bad Trump has displayed no leadership. His office has the ability to mobilize industry and the military but he hasn’t done it to any great degree. In fact, I bet he’ll find a way to make money off the suffering. Since Governors are bidding against each other for life saving supplies (something they should never have to do), Trump likely has phantom bidders raising the prices to his benefit. Nothing he does would surprise me. Press conferences are his new rallies. A day without his face on TV is like a living death for his narcissism.


    • Gary Screaton Page

      The most obvious Trump sycophant, Attorney General Barr, declared yesterday that those who gouged the public with abnormally high prices would suffer the consequences. He has not yet announced an investigation into the excessive charges of $7 or more for masks which cost ordinarily under a dollar. Nor has he announced any investigations into the doubling in some cases of airfares to bring expats home. Yet, Trump has made clear he plans to give aid to those same airlines. Perhaps he has shares in both. Since he is the only president since Nixon to refuse to real his income taxes. One wonders why?
      Let’s face it, Trump is a disaster. Perhaps the worst ever American president. Sadly, nearly half the American nation fail to see that. Not co-incidentally they are the largely non-college-educated half. Ironically, the very group Trump organizations seem to have exploited in the past. Maybe some of them were among those who applied to his failed university or worked on his defunct properties and lost their money while he still seems to have made his.
      As I have said, there is new mean-ing in “America”.


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