Minnie the Cat’s Harrowing QEW Trek

“Minnie is a tremendously lucky cat, and now, with 8 lives left, this sweet cat will be happy to be reunited with her family soon.” – Kevin Strooband,  Lincoln County Humane Society.

A Report from Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society in St. Catharines

Minnie road 50 kilometres on a truck before jumping off, onto the QEW where she was spotted by passersby

Niagara, Ontario – This past Thursday, June 21st, in a heroic effort to save a cat on the QEW, two passersby stopped and corralled a loose, fearful, domestic short haired, black and white cat.

They had just watched her jump from a moving truck. Fearing injuries, they brought her to a local veterinarian and were advised to attend the Lincoln County Humane Society in St. Catharines. They did so.

Staff took the scared cat in and assessed her. Other than some superficial injuries and a lost nail, she was fine.    This is where is gets interesting.  LCHS standard protocol includes scanning all stray cats for a microchip and staff did just that.

A little beep indicated this cat had one and a simple call to the microchip company revealed ‘Minnie’ was the cat and her owner, Robert, lives in Milton, over 50 kilometres  away.

Robert shared what he knows:

Minnie started her story by being dumped at abus stop in Milton about a year ago and was taken in by the local Humane Society. Her brother had already found a home when Robert adopted Minnie.Robert’s young daughter, Solane, loved her new cat and named her ‘Minnie’.

Recovering from her harrowing adventure, Minnie is getting ready to go home. Photos courtesy of the Lincoln County Humane Society

Last night, their loving cat went missing, 3-year old Solane was devastated.A call from the LCHS that Minnie was okay quelled her fears.   This afternoon, Robert, Solane and Minnie will be reunited at the shelter when they come to claim her. The LCHS will be waiving its fees.

“Minnie is a tremendously lucky cat, now with 8 lives left, this sweet catwill be happy to be reunited with her family soon” said Kevin Strooband,Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society.

“Favouring her paw and smelling a little like a greasy truck, Minnie is purring, seeking attention and doing well while she waits” he continued.

  • Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society, and President, Niagara Region Animal Services.

Minnie is ready for her close-up

For more information on the animal care services provided by the Lincoln County Humane Society in St. Catharines/Niagara, click on – <http://www.lchs.ca/> www.lchs.ca

Or on the Humane Society’s Facebook page at – <http://www.facebook.com/lincolncountyhumanesociety>www.facebook.com/lincolncountyhumanesociety

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3 responses to “Minnie the Cat’s Harrowing QEW Trek

  1. Having had this experience, iIhope Salone and Robert will keep the cat indoors and safe. Not all animals who go missing (or are dumped) are this lucky.


  2. Gail Benjafield

    Agreed. While having outdoors cats for most of my life, the last two never went out. Not safe at all.


  3. Sheila Krekorian

    How lucky this cat and owner is that people took the time to stop and catch her then deliver her safely to LCHS.
    My Snowshoe is still missing. Maybe she hitched a ride. She is microchipped.


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