Ford’s “Government for the People” is Slashing Legal Aid Services for Low-Income Ontario People

Ontario NDP MPPs call on Ford to reverse legal aid cuts as details of devastating impact emerge

‘Doug Ford’s cuts to Legal Aid Ontario will have a devastating an impact on low-income people who need legal help.’

News from Ontario’s Offical Opposition NDP Party

Posted June 12th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

As the cuts to services for people keep coming, now Ontario’s Ford government takes aim at legal aid services so often needed by people on lower incomes.

QUEEN’S PARK — Sara Singh, Ontario NDP Attorney General critic, and Bhutila Karpoche, NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park, said news today of where Doug Ford’s cuts to Legal Aid Ontario will fall show just how devastating an impact the cuts will have for low-income people who need legal help.

The cuts will rip away $15 million in funding from community legal clinics across the province. Of that total, $2 million is being clawed back from 14 community legal clinics in Toronto. Parkdale Community Legal Services alone is losing $1 million in funding.

“I am devastated to think about the low-income residents in Parkdale who will be unable to access justice as a result of these callous cuts,” said Karpoche.

“We should not be telling single parents seeking child support or workers seeking wages they’re owed that they’re on their own to navigate the courts, but that’s exactly what will happen if these cuts to community legal clinics are allowed to stand.”

One of Doug Ford’s supporters, overcome with tears of joy on the night of June 7th, 2018, after the results came in, showing that Ford had won a majority government. Maybe she can tell us exactly who Ford is talking about when he declares that his government is “for the people.”

The cuts to community legal clinics come after the Ford Conservatives slashed funding for Legal Aid Ontario by 30 per cent. The cuts are not only targeting community legal clinics in Toronto, but also specialty clinics like the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario.

“Not only is forcing people to navigate the legal system without lawyers cruel, but it will result delays and backlogs in the court system, which will come with massive human and financial costs,” said Singh. “We should be doing more to ensure the most vulnerable among us can get legal help when they need it, not ripping supports away.

“We are calling on the Ford Conservatives to reverse these callous cuts to legal aid.”

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One response to “Ford’s “Government for the People” is Slashing Legal Aid Services for Low-Income Ontario People

  1. Gary Screaton Page

    What we have here is just one more example of Premier Ford’s Trumpian bullying of the weakest members of our communities: those most in need and least able to pay, many with significant mental health issues. All so easy to do for a millionaire Premier. Money talks to be sure!
    Instead of his schoolyard pushing on others weaker than himself to prove his strength — ironically a sign of his own weaknesses — Ford chooses to push where resistance is least able to form. What if he went after the upper 1% who could easily handle him? We will never know. Ford isn’t brave enough to go there.
    Be clear, there are those in the 1% who do a great deal for their communities.
    The “on-percenter-wannabees” are the real problem. They are more prone to protect what they have, claim credits for successes they didn’t always earn on their own, and are more like to give less back than those at the top they hope to be like.
    Legal aid, itself, should be a right. As it is, it takes money to get justice, too!
    Perhaps that is why Ford is seeking to reduce legal support to the weakest members of our community: so they can’t fight back.
    No, Ford will continue to pounce on the weak and claim more accomplishments, than he should, because picking on the weak is easier!


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