When It Comes to the NPCA’s Budget, Niagara’s Regional Government Gets to Pay ….

But Has Very Little Say In How That Money – OUR  TAX MONEY – Is Being Spent, So We Are Being Told

By Doug Draper

Posted January 31, 2019 on Niagara At Large

Here’s a bit of a quiz for you?

NPCA’s “acting CAO” David Barrick visits Niagara Region meeting over Conservation Authority’s budget

Name a public body that gets to bill our Niagara regional government for more than eight and a half million dollars annually of our municipal tax money to cover most of its budget, yet doesn’t have to get a lick of approval from our Region’s council for its budget?

It doesn’t even have to offer our regional councillors much in the way of details on how that money is being spent.

Wouldn’t you know it? That body is oh so infamous Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA).

And this January 31st, the NPCA’s alleged acting CAO, David Barrick, appeared before the Region’s budget review committee to outline what the Conservation Authority has chosen to let our duly elected regional councillors know, and to avoid disclosing details requested by councillors on some of the rest.

Just as an example, when Niagara Region’s chair, Jim Bradley, asked Barrick during the budget committee meeting why the NPCA would not make public the salaries of NPCA administrators making more than $100,000 annually – just as many other government bodies are required to do each year under the province’s so-called “sunshine” rules – Barrick answered that there is no requirement for the NPCA to do it.

“Why wouldn’t you publish them anyway,” asked Bradley again, “just to have our own sunshine in the Niagara region?”

Barrick then responded that the province told the Conservation Authority that information shouldn’t be released.

“The public will be frustrated with that answer,” Bradley said.

And so it went on, whether it was a question from councillors about amounts of money the NPCA has spent on legal costs or other items of business.

Toward the end of it all, Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop said he finds it interesting that Barrick had come before the Region’s committee with a budget approved this past November by members of the NPCA’s old board – many of whom were defeated a month earlier, in last October’s municipal elections.

And yet, regional councillors are now being told that they have no choice but to accept the request that old board made for more money from the Region’s coffers anyway.

Niagara At Large will be adding to this story this February 1st.

Stay tuned.

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4 responses to “When It Comes to the NPCA’s Budget, Niagara’s Regional Government Gets to Pay ….

  1. Let us be sure that Niagara and Hamilton and Haldimand–the three funders of NPCA get all their representatives together and challenge the conservation authority on the information they provide and how they “tell their story”. Perhaps before going any further we can challenge the convoluted way that the acting-temporary- CAO gained his position. Also the present board should be the approval body, not the last gasp crowd of November. For starters let us get a budget brought forward by the present board.
    Don Alexander


  2. I should hope the mayor of Fort Erie had more to say than that the conflict was “interesting.” I am assuming that Barrick’s replys are gong to be investigated.


  3. It is true that for some stupid reason conservation authorities are not required to reveal 100,000 salaries. As for the budget. Treasurer Todd Harrison Commissioner/Treasurer. 48 min “The decision to change the budget of the NPCA, would be the NPCA”S Board. they have an approved budget by the previous board but the CURRENT BOARD could amend it. ” problem solved if new board cared. Dave Byslma’s political views makes him a terrible choice for this appointed position. Good thing it is only 3 months. Unless he wants to continue to destroy the NPCA and gets appointed as one of the Councillors appointed. That would be scary

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Start ” cleaning up the NPCA mess by getting rid of Barrick, now!
    As many others are questioning, wasn’t he part of “out with the old?”


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