If Doug Ford Can’t Run His Business, How Can He Be Trusted To Run The Province?

 “And if this is how Doug Ford treats his own brother’s family, how will he treat everyone else’s families?”

A News Release from the Ontario New Democratic Party

Posted June 6th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Ontario PC Party leader Doug Ford

Reports in the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun once again show that (Ontario PC Party leader) Doug Ford is not the business tycoon he claims to be.

In a $16.5 million lawsuit filed on Friday (June 1st), the widow of late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford alleges that Doug Ford “mismanaged the Deco Companies to the point of insolvency, and then plundered Doug Sr.’s Estate to maintain the illusion that they were successful businessmen and retain their offices and compensation.”

The lawsuit specifically says that Doug Ford:

  • Gave away Rob Ford’s widow’s shares in Deco Tag, claiming they were worthless, and denied her and her kids the proceeds of an insurance policy in Rob’s name
  • Paid himself an “extravagant salary” as CEO of Deco Tag, even though the company had lost millions since he took it over
  • Wasted money on “ill-advised acquisitions”

One of those “ill-advised” acquisitions was Wise Tag, a New Jersey based business. Doug Ford has bragged about a “turnaround” at Wise Tag on his watch.

But a former employee of Ford’s said “the only thing the Wise Tag venture is an example of is Mr. Ford’s impulsiveness and inability to plan.”


The son of Wise Tag’s former owner sued Doug Ford for breach of contract, fraud, unjust enrichment, and conversion – the exercising of unlawful ownership over someone else’s property. Sound familiar?


Wise Tag closed its doors in May of 2017, after 61 years in business.

Doug Ford has promised to run the province like a business.

But if he can’t run his own business properly, how can he be trusted to run the province?

And if this is how Doug Ford treats his own brother’s family, how will he treat everyone else’s families?

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One response to “If Doug Ford Can’t Run His Business, How Can He Be Trusted To Run The Province?

  1. Gary Screaton Page

    Let’s be fair. Dough Ford, to me, is just a Canadian version of Donald Trump. Whether he can manage business or not is unclear. Starting with a parent who is well off financially allows for a lot of failure with little loss. It’s no big deal, when you have money, to say, “Get this/that done, or, you’re fired!” And if the this or that fails you can always blame someone else.
    But an accusation is not proof of poor financial management. Families often fight over money, throw out accusations, even sue one another. However, a lawsuit is not proof of poor financial management nor of dishonesty. I will not support Liberals or PCs this time around. But I will not judge Ford on his in-law’s accusations either. I simply believe he will be a disaster for Ontario. Just listen to him. How like a Canadianized Donald Trump he is. Ontario deserves better.

    Liked by 1 person

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