Another Mass Shooting, Another Day In The Gun Happy U.S.A.

Mass Shootings Are No Longer “BREAKING NEWS” In America. They Are The Norm

‘Happiness is a warm gun. Bang, bang. Shoot, shoot.”

A Commentary by Doug Draper

Posted May 18th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

We all had to know that it wouldn’t be long before we turned on the cable channels to “Breaking News” of another mass shooting somewhere in the U.S.A.

This one happening on a Friday, this May 18th in another high school where 10 students were reported to have been shot dead at the time of this posting, and at least 10 other were wounded. This time in Santa Fe, Texas, where it is easier for someone who is too young to buy a case of beer, to amass an arsenal of guns than it is for them get a license to drive a car.

Survivors of Santa Fe, Texas mass shooting at high school embrace in fear and grief

Sorry if this writer comes across sounding callous or uncaring.

I never used to react this way, but after taking a few moments trying to image the heartache the victims’ loved ones must be going through, I’m now finding myself saying what is the point of leaving any more coverage of one of these gun massacres on.

Might as well switch the channel to news on preparations for the upcoming royal wedding or a hockey game, because the rest on this latest mass shooting incident is going to be the same old, same old – all over again!

There’ll be the by now, all-too-familiar images of survivors, gathered together in small groups, clutching one another while wiping away tears. And of course there will be mayor of the town saying; “I never thought this would happen here.”

“You didn’t,” I’m thinking. “Why not?”

Where was the next mass shooting supposed to happen? Somewhere else?

You got people in your own community, if your community is located in one of well over half the states in a country where gun laws are all but non-existent, purchasing everything up to military style assault weapons like people in Canada and most other Western countries buy a toothbrush or a bottle of milk.

So why wouldn’t it happen “here”?

If you go on watching the coverage there are the inevitable panels of retired law enforcement officers and journalists who’ve become veterans of mass shootings, trotting out now tired words like “devastating” and “horrific” in reaction to the accounts coming in from witnesses who were on the scene when the shooter was in action.

Also inevitable are the discussions about how lax the gun laws are in the United States compared to just about every other developed country in the world where nightmares like this hardly ever occur.

Yet you know that virtually nothing is going to change unless those fantastic kids from the high school in Parkland, Florida where another mass shooting took place last February are successful in the #NeverAgain movement  they are leading to unseat politicians who have bought by the country’s powerful gun lobby in the next federal and state elections.

In the meantime, you will have the National Rifle Association (NRA) hardly waiting for the blood to be mopped up before insisting, on behalf of the gun manufacturers it represents, that what is need is more people with guns, not less.

This was the cover of the New York Daily Post, a major talboid newspaper out of New York City, following the Parkland, Florida high school shooting massacre this past February 2018

And you have Donald Trump, who has already proven to be the most shameless stooge the NRA has ever had in the White House, talking about arming teachers (who don’t have enough pencils and paper for their students) with guns, while rallying the ‘deplorables’ that make up his base to believe that anyone calling for more sensible gun laws is threatening American values.

 “Your second amendment rights (to own guns) are under siege but they will never be under siege as long as I am your president,” insisted Trump at an NRA convention earlier this May that was held in Texas, not that far away from the high school where the latest May 18th mass shooting took place.

So if you switched the channel from the breaking news about the latest mass shooting to watch one of your favourite sitcoms or a hockey game, don’t worry about missing anything.

It will only be a matter of days before the cable channels are covering another mass shooting, somewhere else in America where gun stores are more popular than libraries or book stores, and the mayor says; “I never thought it would happen here.”

All while the band keeps playing; “happiness is a warm gun. Bang, bang. Shoot, shoot.”

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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  1. Sheila Krekorian

    The Right to…Bury Your Kids.


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