There Is No Fiscal Time Bomb in the Town of Pelham … Not Even A Firecracker!

So what was all  the condemnation of the Pelham mayor and his council at Niagara’s regional government level all about?

A Brief News Commentary from Doug Draper, reporter/publisher, Niagara At Large

Posted November 29th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – To listen to David Barrick and other members of the Caslin cabal on Niagara’s regional council all these months, you would think that the Town of Pelham was a fiscal time bomb ready to go off with such force, it might take the rest of Niagara – and most surely the credit rating it needs to carry on healthy business – with it.

Looking for this in the Town of Pelham’s books? The Canadian accounting firm KPMG’s independent audit of those books says it isn’t there. What does that say for those at Niagara’s regional council who spent months charging that it very likely is?

So you better believe I went out to the special meeting Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn and his council held on the evening of this November 29th, where representatives for the Canada-wide financial firm KPMG were unveiling the results of an independent audit they were hired to do on the town’s books, to find out how big this fiscal bomb might be and when it might go off.

The only thing is that by the end of the KPMG presentation and a follow-up report by Pelham’s treasurer, there is no bomb – no unreported $17-million dollar debt, no legal hanky panky around a parkland dedication or anything else about dollars spent on development in the east end of the Pelham community of Fonthill that justified alarms going off over in Caslin land.

Niagara At Large will post a full news commentary on this matter this November 30th, including some thoughts on whether apologies are in order and whether some may be using and even abusing their elected positions to blacken the eyes of their political enemies.

Stay Tuned!

If you would like to watch a video of the special meeting of Pelham council where the audit results were unveiled, click on the screen immediately below –

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3 responses to “There Is No Fiscal Time Bomb in the Town of Pelham … Not Even A Firecracker!

  1. The Caslin Cabal owes the Mayor and Council of Pelham a written as well as a verbal apology. In my opinion this “all” came about because Augustyn, like Ed Smith, questioned the seemingly nefarious acts and actions of the Niagara Regional Council and an NPCA board appointed by this Regional Council.


  2. Why do I get the feeling that this was all about trying to demolish a local politician who wasn’t to the right (side of the political equation), … and who actually seems like a nice human being?


  3. Do you fully understand what “internally borrowing” from the Town’s reserve funds means?

    It means all of these funds collected for other purposes were borrowed to find things they were not earmarked for.

    The borrowing does not show up as long term debt on the Towns audited financial statements. It just shows up as a lower cash and investments balance.

    As well you do hopefully realize KPMG has not released their report yet and it is coming up on 2 weeks since the meeting.


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