Hundreds Set To March In Opposition To Marineland In Niagara Falls, Ontario

News from Marineland Animal Defense organizer Dylan Powell

(A Brief Foreword Note from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – As I have argued in column after column for more than two decades now, the inprisonment and degrading circus treatment of whales and other of this world’s most magnificent living beings will not end until we humans stop paying tickets at the gate of places like Marineland and Seaworld to support this kind of pornography.orcas, they should be here not there.

For families out there who want their children to learn more about these wonderful creatures, go on a whale watch with your kids, sit down as a family and watch many of the great nature documentaries on them and, yes, as painful as it may seem in this day of 130 word tweets, read books about them for earth’s sake.

Read a book about them? I am confident you and your children or grandchildren will learn to respect these wondrous beings more – and not be a bad idea for a young to still read a book every now and then – from reading about them, viewing them in nature video documentaries, or viewing them in their natural habitat, than watching them be used as water skis by trainers or for balancing balls from their nose for a treats by way of fish tossed in their mouths by same said trainers.)

Niagara Falls, CANADA, May 12th, 2014 – For the third straight year Marineland Animal Defense will be greeting the opening day at Marineland Canada on Saturday May 17 with a mass demonstration. This year, however, will be the first time in 40+ years of protest at the park that advocates will be marching through downtown Niagara Falls onto the facility.

Setup time and location for the March is Hwy 420 and Stanley Ave with people encouraged to arrive at 10am to begin marching at 11am. The march will be a 5km route through the downtown area leading to a demonstration on site. That demonstration is expected to last until around 4pm in the afternoon.

An image from a previous public protest in front of Marineland

An image from a previous public protest in front of Marineland

MAD Organizer Dylan Powell had this to say about the importance of this new tactic: “As Marineland continues with their march through the court system, suing anyone who dares to speak out publicly against the captive animal facility, it is important for us to counter. This is our active attempt to reach the broader community and also show how many diverse and passionate people want to see an end to this industry.”

The march kicks off another season of protest for the Marineland Animal Defense campaign with 6 more large demonstrations already planned for the summer. Following the wide release of the documentary film Blackfish, and continuing off of the Toronto Star investigative series on this facility, it is expected that this campaign will continue its streak of organizing the largest animal advocacy demonstrations in North America as well as the largest anti captivity demonstrations globally.

The march will include a radical marching band from Hamilton – the Flamingo Mutiny Brigade – as well as the “Marineland Mom” Jennifer Jamieson as a speaker. Buses to the event are being organized from Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo.Those interested in taking a bus can register on the event website.

For more background the Marineland Animal Defense Open Letter to Residents of Chippawa and Niagara Falls is below.

For further information, you can also click on and

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One response to “Hundreds Set To March In Opposition To Marineland In Niagara Falls, Ontario

  1. As someone who grew up on the BC coast, I am a firm believer that Orcas/Killer Whales – actually ALL sea creatures – belong in the ocean. My grand-daughter in law posted this item to her Facebook page yesterday … it can apply to the the money-grubbers at Marineland, as well as the money-grubbers at Sea World …–547381307.html?utm_source=CoveFB


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