Occupy Canada Founder’s Site Hacked – This Is What Totalitarianism Looks Like

By Mark Taliano 

The following brief  commentary was submitted to Niagara At Large at noon hour on January 9, 2013

Derek Soberal of Occupy Canada being interviewed more than a year ago at an Occupy encampment  in Toronto

Derek Soberal of Occupy Canada being interviewed more than a year ago at an Occupy encampment in Toronto

Derek Soberal, founder of the Occupy Canada Facebook page, has been hacked. His Facebook password does not work; his hotmail account does not work; and his Occupy YouTube channel, with 4.8 million hits, and featuring activist/protest videos, has been taken down.

Derek explains that this happened just before he was about to publicly announce a schedule of protest rallies for January 11, 2013.

Clearly, he has been targeted, and his Constitutional rights to free speech have been violated.

This is also a strategic attack on all Canadians’ Constitutional rights to Freedom of Assembly, and on the superficial veneer of democracy to which the current Canadian regime sometimes aspires.

Mark Taliano is Niagara resident and regular contributor of news and commentary to Niagara At Large

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15 responses to “Occupy Canada Founder’s Site Hacked – This Is What Totalitarianism Looks Like

  1. Douglas M. Simpson

    This should come as no surprise. The Crime Minister and his band of merry henchmen will stop at nothing to silence their critics.


  2. It’s to be expected from the regime Canada lives under right now – but we have the tools, expertise and will to fight back.


  3. Take it to court…Freedom of Speech has been revoked/deleted…does not look good for someone. IMO this just proves a large load of guilt or fear by those who are not honest and behind the slow degradation of our Country. 🙂


    • The Governments–Cdn and U.S.–consider all of the Occupy movements as terrorist movements. So going to court would be a total waste of time and effort. You’re thinking justice is still being served in court …. not anymore! Just look at the Robocall thing …. Harper just delays delays delays.


  4. If this kind of thing …. this prohibition of free speech…. were happening anywhere else, we’d be sending aid and military to fight it.
    Clearly, this comes not only because our Govt sees the Occupy movement as a Terrorist movement, but because our Govt has their nose stuck up the U.S.’s a$$.
    I don’t see how anything american can be something we want to replicate or perpetuate in this the year of the fiscal cliff!!



  5. Althought I agree that Harper must go, that he is a criminal against humanity, I truly believe, from analysing things full time as a political artist, that when he is eventually replaced by another conservative or another leader from another party, Liberal party or otherwise, we will all the same never have true justice untill we eliminate the spider’s head which is comprised of legislative complacencies used by the oligarchs of our world. Instead of focusing on the spiders many paws like Harper is and finding ourselves divided up in a lot of sub-files, we should come together and concentrate on the common denominators to all these important files (like C-45, shale gas, free trade deals and the list goes on and on). The next guy or gal will still be kneeling to the Slim’s, the Gates’s, the Buffett’s, etc. who get their overwhelming fortunes thus incredible (above the laws) power of influence from these « legal » illigality havens!
    Authors here in Québec like Alain Deneault and Jacques B. Gélinas and others, or in France like Jean de Maillard, Hervé Kempf and François Morin and others, or in the USA like Gerald Celente, Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky and others like them all around the world are trying to help us focus on the spiders head. That’s what I am focusing on in my upcoming exhibits and conferences here in Québec City.
    Patrick Collette
    Québec, Québec.


  6. Barry Fitzgerald

    Hacked by whom? The responsible party could also be a business interest.


    • Contries and provinces and IM afraid even municipalities are now (in this world based on profit before people) nothing more than multinationals (businesses) offering services to other businesses! Governments are nothing more than board of directors managing the business instead of governing for citizens who are nothing more than consumers!


  7. I agree with Barry Fitzgerald. Mr Taliano has jumped to the conclusion that the federal government is responsible. Where is the proof?
    And a note to Pat Collette: what the hell are you trying to say? Your comment, at least to me, is a whole lot of gibberish!


  8. This country has been sold to Corporate Canada by governments such as the ones NOW in Canada.
    If it was known who engineered this hacking what do you truly think would happen??? NADA
    I repeat Ralph Nader once stated “It matters NOT which party one votes for in the USA they are both Corporate Parties” and this applies to Canada when one takes the time to read history.


  9. Kudos to all the aspiring detectives out there. I think you nailed it, it was Harper!

    If you want a second opinion, I found this video on the Internet. You might want to consider that he’s ruffled the feathers of other people that might want to hack his website.

    It’s, still not right but perhaps we could avoid jumping to conclusions about this.


    • What is there to understand about a red hering? United we stand, divided we fall. I encourage people to read Chris Hedges or Gerald Cente or others like them, and Mr MacKenzie, I’m referring to a film from 1976 by Sidney Lumet called « Network ». A speach givin to Howard Beale by a media Tycoon!


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