Our Creep Of The Week – Prime Minister Stephen Harper

By Doug Draper

Welcome to Niagara At Large’s second entry of ‘Creep of the Week’ – a column that focuses on someone who does something  creepy and contemptible enough to wear a creep-of-the-week crown.

Stephen Harper, our creep of the week

Last week, it was a generously paid college president from the Barrie, Ontario area who tried to write off the cost of a political fundraising dinner on an expense account that we taxpayers cover, as do college students through their tuitions, until the province’s NDP party filed a freedom of information request that would expose this conduct. At that point, the Georgian College president did what he should have done in the first place, and paid the $5,000 back out of his own pocket.

This last week of May, our Creep of the Week crown goes to Canada’s recently re-elected prime minister, Stephen Harper, for hardly waiting three weeks after the election to appoint three defeated candidates from his Conservative Party to that bone yard for political hacks that is the country’s Senate.
Keep in mind, Harper’s party, when it started out in the late 1980s as the Reform Party of Canada he was a young operative working for its then leader Preston Manning, was playing with the idea of abolishing the Senate, which might still be an appealing pledge had the party not abandoned it. But just as it changed its name from Reform to Canadian Alliance, then Conservative, the party changed its stance from abolition to reform that included forcing these partisan brown-nosers to at least go to the polls every four or five years to keep their $130,000-a-year jobs.

More recently, of course, Harper has learned that he’s better off doing what he once attacked the federal Liberals for doing – just leaving things the way they are and stack the so-called Red Chambers with sycophants who will vote through any piece of legislation he wants, regardless how unpopular it may be. So much for checks and balances in this country.

So three recent Conservative candidates –Fabian Manning from Newfoundland, and Larry Smith and Josee Verner, both from Quebec – can’t even get elected by the people in their own ridings this spring, but are okay for former Senate reformer Stephen Harper to plunk into the Senate.

For this one act alone – one that may be giving us a glimpse of how much more arrogantly Harper will rule now that he has a majority government – he deserves the crown. It is frightening to think about how much creepier this guy may get now that there is virtually nothing to stop him.

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5 responses to “Our Creep Of The Week – Prime Minister Stephen Harper

  1. Fair enough for this past but might I suggest Jack Layton for next week due to his dalliance with the Quebec separatists on his 50% plus one statement.


  2. William Snyder

    and we keep electing these idiots duh!!!! ????????????????????????/


  3. alex robinson

    The lies continue one after another. The conbots only know how to lie. How about Mr Kent the Envirominister for next week? Seems they left out the pollution caused by the oil sands in a report submitted to the UN regarding national pollution levels. Without those numbers, pollution went down in Canada. Lies and more lies.


  4. Dave Chappelle

    Without Quebec say-so there’s no Senate reform.

    And since those little babies who always have a gun to our heads threatening a divorce with bedroom benefits will say “no” to anything they think other Kanuks want, the Senate will never be reformed.

    What else can Harper do except stack it with loyalists like every other pol?

    While you can hate Harper for lots (income trusts for example0, this Senate issue is almost irrelevant.


  5. Levick I know his Conservative ideology from past remarks and comments always the same……..
    but Dave the Senate is “NOT” irrelevant it is a sick patronage positioning of sycophants appointees who echo at the direction of their master. It is dead and needs to be buried with the garbage it supports.


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