Federal Government Provides Funding For Lighthouse And Other Improvement Projects In Port Dalhousie

Canada’s federal government is providing $1.9 million in funding for renovating Port Dalhousie’s historic ‘Inner Range Lighthouse’ and for other improvements to drainage systems and trails in this St. Catharines, Ontario lakefront community.

Port Dalhousie's historic 'Inner Range Lighthouse' is finally receiving some funds for renovating its exterior. File photo courtesy of David Serafino/Dalhousie Peer magazine.

The federal funding was announced this April 8 by St. Catharines MP Rick Dykstra and a total of $180,000 of funds will go repairing and repainting the exterior of the iconic lighthouse.

The Inner Range Lighthouse has been a landmark in Port Dalhousie since its was built in the late 1800s and received a heritage designation from the province a decade ago. It was also  a decade ago that the former federal Liberal government transferred the ownership of this lighthouse to St. Catharines, the city that includes Port Dalhousie within its boundaries.

The shingled exterior of the lighthouse have been in need of repair for some time.

“Port Dalhousie is a beloved part of St. Catharines and this historic village is a favoured destination for visitors from Niagara and beyond,” said St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan in a statement accompanying the funding announcement. “Today’s funding will assist the City in ensuring Port Dalhousie continues to shine when it hosts athletes and spectators for various international rowing regattas including the 2015 Pan American Games.”

The balance of the funding will be spent on drainage and structural improvements to Dalhousie House, a new trail to Port Dalhousie from the Jaycee Park area, and watermain improvement to the Main Street/Lakeside Park area of the community.

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